Ricky Horror/ Mate

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Angelica wasn't sure why her parents were so insistant on this ball being perfect, it was just another gathering of the werewolf clans. At least that's what Angel thought.

The moment her mother brought forth the black ball gown she knew otherwise. Werewolves wore clothes based on their standing in rank. For instance since her mother was the woman of the house, she wore the fanciest dresses. Her father wore suits with his golden medal on his lapel indicating that he was not only a lord but a veteran from the war he had fought in to end the war between the clans. Angel on the other hand, being the eldest and the heir to her father's estate wore clothes she could get around quickly in. Classes and lessons came from the left and from the right so she couldn't have a dress restrain her movements. Lydia, her younger sister wore dresses since her standing was to be in charge of taking care of the house servants when her parents were absent.

Angel hated dresses but she wanted to please her parents so she put the dress in with the help of her handmaid Ana. After getting ready, Angel walked to the main hall seeing that their guests had arrived.

"Ah! Angel dear, come meet the Olsens." Angel's mother called.

She walked over to them, seeing the family she vaguely remembered.

The Olsens weren't very powerful in the clan but the father was responsible for keeping the worst of the werewolves in their place. For that, they had Angel's respect.

"This is my eldest child Angel." Her mother introduced her.

The family bowed to her, making her blush slightly and look away, her eyes landing on one of their sons.

He looked up at her, his icy blue eyes meeting hers. She felt her heart freeze.

"Ah, this is my son Rich-." The father started.

"Ricky." The son cut in, holding his hand out for her to shake.

The mother gasped and reached to swat his hand but Angel caught her wrist and shook his hand, not letting go of her wrist until she had let go of Ricky's hand. She looked at Angel with a shocked look on her face, watching as Angel grabbed Ricky's hand and led him off to one of the terraces.

"You know something." Angel said, closing the glass door behind them.

"W-what?" He stuttered.

"You know why my parents are holding this ball."

"You don't?" 

She shook her head, crossing her arms.

"Well." Ricky started, rubbing the back of his neck, "Your mother paid a witchened werewolf to find your mate and I appeared supposedly." 

Angel stared at him, searching for the lie in his eyes but she found none. Sighing, she leaned against the terrace railing.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you your grace but your'e stuck with me." Ricky said.

"Don't call me that and don't say that, I'd take you over some stuck up soldier any day." She replied, eyeing him.

"As you wish then, what do we do now?"

Angel shrugged, standing up fully.

"We do as we were destined, play our parts and continue our clan." She siad.

"Fine then, Angelica VonMonroe, will you be my honored mate?" Ricky asked, holding out a ring with a blood red stone on it.

It sounded quick but once a werewolf found his mate, he eloped immediately.

"Yes." She answered, taking his hands.

Ricky slipped the ring onto her finger before planting a kiss onto her lips, gasping in surprise when she kissed back.

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