Devin Sola/ Holidays

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Besides Halloween, I was never a fan of holidays because of my family. They treated me like a black sheep and would bicker to me about my decisions every time I saw them.

"Why do you wear black all the time?" or "You should've gone to school and business woman, not a coroner."

I got tired of the same old story and cut myself off from them which wasn't easy but I luckily had a group of friends that were with me through the entire ordeal.

I connected to each member of the group in a different way. Ricky was like an older brother to me with the way he always got onto me about taking care of myself and making sure I was always getting time to myself.

Chris was definitely the younger brother to me. He was always playful and invited me out to dinner or concerts a lot.

Vinny was the one I could wrestle with and he would always put up a fair fight no matter what.

Balz was more on my level especially when it came to our interests. We both had a love for oddities and tattoos which made us almost inseparable.

Ryan was the one who could always cheer me up no matter what. If I needed someone to talk to, he'd be on my doorstop in a matter of minutes.

Then there was Devin. Ever since we had met, we were bound to each other by an invisible force. We instantly became good friends which later devolved to feelings for each other. After knowing each other for a year, we started dating.

Despite the fact that I was on my own this thanksgiving, I still made myself a dinner. I had made a large bowl full of chicken wings with my infamous sauce that the guys loved. Unfortunately, they were touring so they weren't able to come over as we usually did.

I leaned back in my chair with a sigh. I hated being on my own but I couldn't help it. A knock at my door made me stand up and walk over to answer it. I pulled it open and gasped when I saw my group of friends.

"Hey Lizzy." Ricky smiled.

I smiled back and practically jumped into his arms.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Ohio?" I asked as I moved to hug Chris.

"Couldn't resist coming home for the holiday and we couldn't stand the thought of you being home alone on Thanksgiving." Vinny replied making me hug him.

Ryan and balz pulled me into a hug making me chuckle.

"It's a good thing that I made enough chicken wings to feed an army then." I said making Chris rush into the house.

I chuckled and turned to face Devin who smiled sweetly down at me.

"Hello my doll." He said.

"Hello my goth kid." I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He pulled me into a gentle hug before giving me a gentle kiss.

"You guys make me love the holidays." I said making a bright smile come to his face.

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