Ricky Horror/ Home

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"We still have another two hours of driving until we make it to Scranton, then we have to go to the studio and officially end the tour so I won't be home for another hour." Ricky said through the computer.

I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck.

"I know doll, I miss you too." Ricky replied.

"I guess I'll have to cook some dinner for you then." I said making his face light up.

"I would love that but don't worry about it, we could always order food." He replied.

"Nah, I'll make a special dinner for us." I smiled.

"Save some for me!" Chris yelled in the background.

We both laughed causing my kitten Salem to look at me funny.

"Alright doll, I have to go. It's my turn to drive. I love you." He smiled.

"I love you too my goth King." We both leaned into the screen to act like we were kissing.

Ricky waved before ending the skype call. Salem walked over onto the keyboard and looked at the screen before looking back at me.

"You just missed him sweetie." I said, trying to contain my tears.

Ricky had been gone for six months on tour. This had been the longest time he has been gone since we started dating and it was not easy for me. I had no question that Ricky would never cheat on me, I just really missed him.

I picked up the small kitten as I stood up then walked to the kitchen to put some food in her bowl. I put her down making her meow happily when she saw her full bowl of food.

(Ricky's POV)

"Ricky, you don't have to stay around to end the tour. We can do it without you, Tess needs to see you as soon as possible." Chris said as he sat down across from me.

"Are you sure man?" I asked.

"Of course, this is the longest you've been from her and I can tell she's excited to see you." He replied.

I smiled as I instantly thought of ideas to surprise my doll.

"Thanks Chris." I said.

"No problem." He replied.

I quickly ran to the Hot Topic and bought Tess a dress that she had been looking at for a while. It was solid black with a corset over the waist. I paid for it then quickly walked to a flower shop and bought a bouquet of black roses. I walked home and knocked on the door.

(Tess' POV)

Who could be at the door? Ricky wouldn't be home for another hour or so.

I put the towel down and walked to the door. I looked through the window and gasped when I saw Ricky standing there. He chuckled when he saw me cover my mouth. I quickly threw the door open and practically jumped into his arms.

"Oh my god Ricky, I missed you so much." I said as he walked into the house with me still in his arms.

"I missed you too doll." He said then kissed my cheek.

I let go and smiled at him. He handed me a bouquet of black roses, my favorite.

"I love you." I smiled and kissed him gently.

"Hey, I'm not done yet." He handed me a hot topic bag with a smirk on his face.

I raised an eyebrow in question before looking into the bag. I gasped as I pulled the dress I had been wanting from the bag.

I started to tear up as I pulled him into another hug.

"I love you." He said softly making me smile.

"I love you too." I replied.

He inhaled deeply.

"Holy crap, what did you make for dinner? It smells amazing." He said making me chuckle.

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