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Allisha couldn't remember why she had social media, the mean comments from girls always triggered her Schizophrenia.

She sat on the leather couch in the home she shared with her boyfriend of two years, Chris Motionless, taping her foot against the wooden floor as she breathes heavily.

"Hey Ali-, another attack?" Chris asked, sitting next to her on the couch, his eyes full of concern.

Ali nodded in reply, fidgeting with her hands.

Chris stood up and walked to the selves that hung on the wall. He picked up a bright red notebook with stickers covering the covers and walked back to his girlfriend. He placed the notebook on her laptop and grabbed a pen from the coffee table.

"You know what to do sweetie." He said gently before getting back up to get her a drink.

By the time he returned, she was scribbling something down in the notebook.

"Feel better?" He asked, sitting down next to her.

"Kinda." Ali replied, looking up at him with thankful eyes.

Ever since Allisha had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Chris had been there for her 100% even if she thought she was being a burden. He knew what she was going through and promised to be there for her.

Chris kissed her head and held her hand gently in his.

"I have to go to the studio today, wanna come?" He asked.

Ali nodded in reply and pecked his lips before standing up to go get changed. She quickly threw on some black shorts, a cranberry colored sleeveless henley and her slip on vans before pulling her dirty blonde hair back into a ponytail.

She walked back to the living room and shoved her notebook into a satchel before telling Chris she was ready. The two walked out to Chris' white car and climbed in.

15 minutes later, Ali and Chris climbed out of the car, conversing on if they wanted to take a vacation to Stockholm over the summer.

"There's my favorite blonde." Ricky joked when he saw Allisha and Chris walk towards the front door.

Ali spat her tongue at him jokingly as she followed Chris into the building.

They walked to the studio, seeing Ryan and Devin already sitting in the room. They looked up at the two and smiled as they carried on their conversation.

"Just remember sweetie, if it starts up again, don't be afraid to tell me or one of the guys." Chris said, looking into Allisha's green eyes.

She nodded in reply and sat down on the couch next to Devin.

Practice started off with a bang and everything was going great until Ali's phone buzzed.

She picked it up from the couch next to her and immediately felt tense.

Ms.Motionless- "such an ugly woman, I can't understand why Chris would choose her over someone else. I even heard she has schizophrenia! Another reason to dump her! I'm ready for you Chris, baby."

Allisha put her phone down and felt her body begin to shake. She held her head in hands and began to tear up.

Ryan saw this and nudged Chris's leg before motioning towards Allisha.

"Allisha, babe what's wrong?" Chris asked, getting down on his knees in front of her.

Allisha showed him her phone screen. Chris cringed and asked the guys to give them a moment. The four left to room, closing the door behind them.

"Allisha sweetie, don't worry about what they say about you. I don't care if you have schizophrenia, I love you no matter what you have. You are the love of my life and I plan on marrying you one day. Remember, I come home to you everyday, not them." Chris said, holding her hands.

Ali looked at him, tears in her eyes.

"What if they come after me?"

"They won't, I won't let them." Chris stated.

Allisha nodded and leaned her forehead against his.

"Sorry." She said.

"No, don't be. I love you."

"I love you too." She smiled softly.

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