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Olivia's hands shook almost violently as she sat on the dark grey couch in the house she shared with her husband of five years, Vinny Mauro.

They were both very young when they married, Vinny being 18 and Olivia being 19 but they were middle school sweethearts that refused to let society tell them that young couples like themselves wouldn't work out.

Yet, here they were, five years later at the lowest point of their marriage. It wasn't because Vinny was cheating on Olivia or vice versa, Olivia was having a hard time getting pregnant and staying to term. They both wanted children horribly but it just was not happening.

So when Olivia's pregnancy test came back positive, she had mixed feelings.

She had already thought of what was going to happen, she would either carry to full term, the doctor would tell her she had miscarried again and to give up or she would carry almost to term and loose the baby. She hoped for the best of course knowing that if the worse happened, it would break her and her husband.

"Olivia sweetie, you need to calm down some, you'll worry the baby." Vinny said as he got on his knees before her.

"Sorry, I'm just so nervous. I don't want to loose another baby." She replied, tears coming to her eyes.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I have a good feeling about this one. Even if it doesn't work out, we could always adopt or something. If being pregnant isn't right for your body then that's okay, it's not your fault." He said giving her a reassuring smile that always melted her heart.

He gently held her hands over her lap and leaned up enough to kiss his wife.

"I love you no matter what Olivia." Vinny said while looking into her eyes.

She smiled softly at him and leaned her forehead against his.

"And I love you too Vinny."

Later, at the doctor's, Vinny and Olivia sat in the back, holding hands while waiting for the doctor to come.

"Remember Olivia, not matter what, we're a team." Vinny said making her smile.

The door opened making them both look up to see the doctor enter. She closed the door behind her before sitting on her swivel chair.

"I have great news." She smiled.

"Olivia, you are definitely pregnant but I would still like to do a sonogram with your permission." The doctor said.

Olivia took a deep breath before nodding, seeing the relief on Vinny's face.

The doctor motioned to the long white bed making Olivia lay down on it and lift her shirt over her stomach. The doctor then spread a cold transparent cream on her stomach before using a wand to look into her.

Olivia held Vinny's hand as the doc continued to look.

"Yup there's the head. Oh wait, heads." The doctor said making Olivia and Vinny look at her.

"Wait heads? How many?" Vinny asked.

"I'm seeing three, looks like triplets." The doctor smiled.

Olivia almost broke out into tears then and there. Vinny smiled and kissed Olivia's head.

"You appear to be almost two months along so they should be here about October 31st." The doctor added.

"Oh Chris will love that." Olivia smiled.

Vinny nodded, looking as if he was holding back tears. Olivia gave him a knowing smile as the doctor printed out copies of the sonogram. Olivia wiped her stomach off as the doctor left to retrieve the pictures.

"When do you want to tell everyone?" Vinny asked as Olivia stood up.

"Over dinner possibly? It's only 2." She replied looking at the clock.

"Sounds perfect." He smiled.

Part two possibly? Loved this one as well ;)

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