Vinny Mauro/ Bells

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Myron sighed as he laid on the hotel, anxiety and the feeling of a zoo running about in his chest.

He checked his phone again, the bright light nearly blinding him as it lit up in the dark room.

11:29 pm, exactly thirty hours and thirty one minutes until he would walk down the aisle to his fiance Vinny.

As nervous as he was, there was only one thought on his mind, which was seeing Vinny but one thing stood in his way. Chris bloody Motionless who was sent to keep the two from meeting up.

So far, Chris wasn't doing too good since he had passed out from following Myron around all day.

Myron's phone went off, signally that someone had texted him but Myron knew who it was due to the text tone. He sat up, unlocking his phone to check the message, smiling when he saw that it was indeed Vinny.

VinnyBear- "Meet me at the bedroom window."

Myron held back a laugh, smiling as he typed a reply.

Me- "Um, not home right babe."

There was a reply in a matter of seconds as Myron stood up to hide in the bathroom,  knowing his phone would be taken if Chris saw who he was texting.

VinnyBear- "Meet me in the lobby."

Me- "You don't know where I'm staying though."

VinnyBear- "Is it possible to stutter in a text? Tell me where you are and I'll out run Ryan there."

Myron giggled as he texted him  the hotel's address.

"Myron?" Chris' voice called from the other room.

"Bathroom." Myron replied loud enough for him to hear.

Myron quickly turned on the shower, thinking of a way to get down to the lobby. 

He slid out of the hotel and down the steps to the main lobby, putting his hood up as he sat down in a loveseat.

A few minutes later, someone sat down next to him, putting his arm over Myron's shoulders.

"Hey handsome." Vinny said, grinning at his soon to be groom.

"Hey Vin bear." Myron smiled, instantly leaning into Vinny.

"Miss me yet?" Vinny asked.

"I showed up, didn't I?" Myron replied, smirking.

Vinny chuckled.

They sat in comfortable silence for a little, knowing their presence was calming the other.

It wasn't long after that they both saw Ryan and Chris rush into the lobby, glancing around before running over when they saw the two together.

"Come on guys! We told you no!" Ryan yelled.

Vinny quickly kissed Myron before standing up.

"You'll never take me alive!" He yelled, running off.

Chris looked at Myron before rolling his eyes.

"You're the one marrying him." Chris said, pulling Myron with him back to the room.

Myron paced behind the closed wooden doors, minutes before he would become Mr.Myron Mauro.

"Myron, you need to calm down sweetie." Kylie said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I know Kylie, I'm trying to." Myron looked at her, his eyes already tearing up.

Kylie pulled Myron into a hug, holding him close.

"He's going to make you very happy, plus he knows better then to hurt you. Vinny has already been through hell with you and he's ready to go through more with you." Kylie stated, still holding Myron.

He nodded in reply.

The door opened slightly and Chris peeked into the hall.

"It's time." Chris said before disappearing back into the room.

Kylie straightened Myron's tie before linking arms with him.

"Love you Kylie." Myron said making her smile.

"You too Kiddo."

The doors swung open and the two began walking down the aisle, Kylie began to tear up a bit.

Before letting go of Kylie's arm, Myron leaned down and gently kissed her cheek. Vinny smiled as Myron walked to him, taking his hands in his gently.

The two exchanged their vows, grinning like fools as they did so.

"You may now kiss your groom." The priest said motioning towards Myron.

Vinny grinned brightly, putting his hands on Myron's cheeks before leaning into him. The crowd cheered and several ' hell yea's!' could be heard making the now married couple laugh into the kiss.

The two watched as Chris walked onto the stage, a monster in a champagne glass as he grinned.

"First and fore most, give it up for Mr and Mr Mauro!" He said into a mic making the balroom of people cheer.

"Now, Devin has asked to read a speech dedicated to the married coupe, he will do that now."

Devin stood up from the Man Of Honor's seat and walked up to the stage. He smiled before grabbing the mic from Chris.

"So first things first, you hurt Myron, Vinny, I'll happily kill you. Second, you guys are the greatest bunch of idiots whose wits match each other. I couldn't think of a better match for you, Myron, he'd go into hell for you without thinking twice. Myron would and will do the same for you too, Vinny. You've both been through a lot together and I honestly believe that you will go out together. Love you guys." Devin said before walking off the stage.

Chris grabbed the mic and smiled.

Myron also wanted to say a speech, get up here." Chris said.

Vinny looked at Myron in confusion as he stood up. Myron walked to the stage, Taking the mic from Chris.

"I love you Vinny, so so much but there is someone I must thank. Devin, you've always been there for me and I haven't thanked you enough in the past. You held me together and accepted me into your family, because of that, I've found myself and my true family. I have the love of my life with me and I couldn't be happier. I love you Devin." Myron wiped a tear away as Devin walked back to the stage.

Devin pulled him into a tight hug, tearing up as he held him. When he let go, he knew Myron had someone that would be spending the rest of their life to catch Myron when he needed it.

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