Ricky Horror/ Soldier

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Ricky laid in his bunk, staring at the pictures he had taped to the wall of him and his fiancé Command Sergeant Major Raven Hale.

It had been weeks since he slept, since he had received a letter from her senior stating that Raven had gone M.I.A during one of their usual ops, just a 'go fetch' mission but it had gone wrong. Raven had supposedly stayed behind some to make sure that her men got out but she never left the building.

"Ricky, show time." Chris called.

Ricky climbed out of his bunk then followed the guys outside into the cool Scranton air.

"You okay?" Ryan asked, looking concerned.

Ricky nodded in reply.

"How long has it been since your last letter?" Ryan asked.

"Almost ten months, they still won't tell me what hospital she's in." He answered.

Ryan shook his head. They walked up the steps to the stage and got ready for the show.

The boys played, Ricky showing no emotion, almost numb to what was happening. Once they finished, the boys walked off stage and headed back towards the bus.

"Excuse me boys, I'm looking for a Ricky horror." A painfully familiar voice asked.

Ricky looked over, his heart immediately beginning to beat rapidly when he saw his short haired fiancé.

She leaned against the bus, wearing cargo pants and a tank top.

Ricky charged her and pulled her into a hug, letting go the moment she winced.

"What happened?" He asked, tears coming to his eyes.

"Took s detour and got shot, ended up getting caught but they weren't too friendly with me." She answered.

Ricky opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when Raven pulled him into another hug.

"Im glad to be home."

This is short but my iPod is dying, sorry.

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