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Sam carried the last guitar into Ricky's personal studio, sighing contently. One more wonderful tour in the bag. Sam had been Motionless in White's guitar tech for the past several years since Ricky joined the band on their amazing crusade.

Ricky and Sam had met in kindergarten and immediately became inseparable. They were partners in crime who had each other's back with a 'no soldier left behind' attitude.

She gently hung the guitar up in its empty place before taking a step back to admire them. Sam then walked out of the room and headed for Ricky's bedroom, wanting to say goodbye before she headed home.

Sam knocked on the bedroom door, waiting for a response before walking in. Ricky stood in his room besides his bed, pulling his clothes from his suitcase. He looked up from his clothes to her and smiled. He watched her walk over to his bed and plop onto it, flipping herself over to look at him.

"Have fun?" Ricky asked, going back to his clothes.

"Of course." Sam smiled, sitting up to help him organize his clothes.

"Do you have any plans tonight?" He asked.

"No, not really. I was thinking about just ordering wings and going to bed." She replied, tossing a pair of socks into a hamper in the corner.

"Would you want to stay here and have a movie night with me like the good old days? Ya know, order food and soda and just get fat while we watch horror movies."

Sam looked up at him, grinning.

Since the fourth grade, the two had made a tradition of having movie marathons until someone got sick from either wings or candy. They had kept the tradition alive but it was difficult when they were touring seven months out of the year.

"That sounds perfect." She said.

Ricky smiled, pulling his suitcase from his bed before moving the clothes as well. He handed his phone to Sam before walking to the cabinet directly across from the bed and opened it, showing a large tv. He turned it on before putting a dvd into the player. Sam ordered some wings and giggled as Ricky got a running start to jump onto the bed. He flipped himself onto his back and laughed a bit.

"So what do you plan on going as for Halloween?" He asked, leaning his head to the side to look at her.

"I don't know, probably Sally. What about you?"

"Your Jack, I've got no plans at all for Halloween." Ricky replied.

"Isn't that a couple thing though?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It is, I wouldn't care if someone thought we were a couple though. You're beautiful Sam." Ricky said.

Sam choked on her breath, not believing what he had just said.

"You're just saying that." She replied.

"No, it's true. You've got to be the most beautiful person I know. You're willing to help others no matter what, you've always been there for me, hell you've followed me to the other side of the country. If that doesn't make you beautiful then I don't know what will. Heck, I'm not even sure why you followed me here half the time." He said.

Sam went quiet for a moment.

"I did it because I love you." 

Ricky propped himself up and looked at her.

"You love me?"

Sam nodded, blushing madly.

Ricky smiled and pecked her lips gently.

"I love you too Samy cat." He grinned.

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