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Mikayla pushed the black door to the house open, letting herself in. She kicked it closed as she headed towards the kitchen, wanting to put the groceries away before The Avengers came on.

She quickly put most of the groceries away, reaching for the milk to put it in the garage's fridge.

"Mikaylaaaaaa." A voice called from the living room making her jump.

She dropped the milk on the dark brown wood floor, making the carton burst open, sending milk everywhere.

"Fuck! Ricky?!" She yelled, immediately running back to the kitchen to grab napkins.

She heard the sound of someone quickly running to the dining room. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Ricky for a second before he dashed off to get towels.

Mikayla started cleaning up the mess, mumbling a thank you when Ricky got down next to her to help clean up the milk.

"I thought you were at practice?" Mikayla said as she put the towels in the washer.

"We ended early, everyone agreed that we should spend time with our girlfriends before we head out." Ricky replied, sitting down on the couch and beginning to flip through the channels.

"Sounds good." Mikayla plopped down onto the couch next to him, watching the channels change.

Ricky stopped on the channel the Avengers would play on then pulled his girlfriend close to him.

"Want to get some dinner later?" He asked.

"Possibly." She hummed, putting her legs over his lap.

As she watched the movie, Ricky traced her leg tattoos with his fingers, admiring the work that had been done years ago.

A little bit further into the movie, Mikayla leaned her head on his shoulder, allowing him to wrap his arm around her waist and hum softly to her.

Ricky kissed her forehead making her smile and kiss his jaw before snuggling closer to him.

His stomach growl making Mikayla lean over and grab her cell phone.

"Do wings sound good?" She asked, dialing the number.

"Definitely." He answered.

Mikayla ordered dinner then pulled some money from her pocket to pay for it. She continued to cuddle with Ricky until she heard the doorbell go off, making her answer it and return with food.

"That smells so good." Ricky said, sitting up and taking his container when she held it out to him.

They ate, silently admiring their food before heading towards their bedroom. Ricky laid down, not caring if he still had his clothes on. Mikayla climbed in next after changing into her soft pajama shorts and tank top.

She cuddled into his side, smiling when Ricky put his arms around his waist and pulled her closer.

"Love you Mik." Ricky said softly.

"Love you too Ricky." Mikayla replied, falling asleep with her love.

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