Josh Balz/ Melody

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I stood in the doorway watching the young female play the piano. The piece she was playing wasn't hard to recognize, it was Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas.

She softly hummed along to the song but then quickly switched to another tune I could recognize. The duet Emily and Victor play in Corpse Bride. I slightly sat on the piano chair next to her and played Victor's part.

She glanced up at me but didn't stop playing. A slight grin came to her face making me return one. She looked back to the piano and we played in sync.

"You're an amazing pianist." I said making a blush come to her face.

"Thank you, I have been playing for many years." She replied.

"Can I ask for your name?" I asked.

"It's Lydia." She replied.

"I'm Josh but everyone calls me balz." I said.

"Pleasure meeting you balz." She smiled.

"You as well Lydia." I replied.

We sat there in a comfortable silence until I decided to break it.

"Would I have the joy of having some lunch with you?" I asked.

She made eye contact with me and nodded with a grin.

"Why yes." She replied.

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