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Request #3

Myron boarded the bus to see what he has been seeing all week, Vinny playing that game he had bought. President Evil? Something like that, Myron didn't care.

Vinny had been Myron's boyfriend for while now, he had also been there for Myron when he needed him most, especially when Myron came out as trans.

Myron silently sighed before sitting down next to Vinny, seeing that he was stuck at a part Myron had seen in a video.

"Go through that-." Myron attempted to point out where the puzzle was but a monster jumped out at Vinny, making him scream.

Myron almost laughed, almost.

"Dang it Myron! Leave me alone!" Vinny yelled.

"It's just a game Vinny!" Myron replied, trying to not tell.

"I don't care! Just leave me." Vinny spat.

Myron looked at him with hurt eyes and Vinny instantly regretted yelling at his boyfriend.

"Fine." Myron said softly, trying to contain his tears.

Myron quickly stood up from the couch before walking off the bus, hearing the slam of a laptop screen behind him. He quickly jogged over to the edge of the packing lot, sitting down on the concrete curb to hug his knees to his flat chest.

Ever since Vinny had bought that game, he had been stuck in the same are for almost a week but didn't want to watch a walk through to help himself out.

"Myron?" Ricky's familiar voice asked making Myron quickly look up, tears run down his cheek.

"What's wrong? I saw you running over here." Ricky asked while sitting down next to him on the curb.

"Vinny died on that stupid game he's been playing and got mad at me for helping him. I tried to explain that it's just a game but he wouldn't take it." Myron replied.

Myron wiped a tear away while Ricky shook his head, immediately thinking of ways to get them back together.

"He needs to take a break from it, I get that but he's under a lot of stress right now Myron." Ricky said.

"From what?" Myron asked.

"Ever since you started getting your hormones, Vinny has been scared that they'll make you uncomfortable or send your emotions to an all time high. He wants you to be happy in your own skin and he knows that doing those shots make it better for you but he's also heard what has happened to some that got the wrong type. He wants you to be safe Myron." Ricky answered, looking at the long haired male next to him.

Myron cracked a smile that he hoped was in his control.

He hadn't thought of what his shots were doing to Vinny emotionally. Vinny had always been protective over him but he thought of it as something he did in affection.

"Thanks Ricky, I owe you one." Myron said, wiping the remainder of his tears away.

"No problem man, are you going to go talk to him?" Ricky asked.

"In a moment, yea." Myron answered.

"I'll go hide in the back of the bus again then." Ricky said as he stood up.

Myron chuckled and rubbed his jaw that had finally started to grow some stubble which was a goal for Myron.

Myron did what he said he would and sat on the curb for a moment before walking back to the bus to find Vinny's laptop sitting on the table with no Vinny in sight.

"Hey man, it's okay. I spoke with him, he's not mad with you anymore." Ricky's soothing voice came from the back of the bus where the bunks were.

"I messed up Ricky! I hurt Myron when I didn't want to! It's all because of that stupid game!" Vinny said, obviously sounding like he was crying.

"I know you've been stressed out but you have to give yourself a chance to breath. Go take Myron to the movie theater or go to the park just leave the bus for more then an hour." Ricky said.

"The theater sounds nice." Myron said softly as he walked into the back of the bus.

Vinny sat up quickly, hitting his head on the roof of his bunk. He fell back holding his head and Myron quickly kissed it, making Vinny and Ricky smile.

"Why don't we forget the whole situation and go to the theater?" Myron asked.

Vinny kissed him gently making Myron giggle.

"I take that as a yes." Myron said.

"Mhmm." Vinny hummed.

Myron helped Vinny out of the bunk and pulled him into a hug, not forgetting to mouth a 'thank you' to Ricky.

"Is that stubble?" Vinny asked as they pulled away.

"Yea, I finally started growing some." Myron replied, leaning into Vinny's hand when he placed it on his cheek.

"You look hot with stubble." Vinny said making Myron smile the brightest he had in a while.

Absolutely loved this. I hope the requester leaves more requests!!! I might even make a story based off of this! ;)

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