Ricky Horror/ Feeling

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I couldn't handle it anymore, after ten long years of knowing him, I couldn't hold in my feelings for him. Ricky was my best friend in this entire world, we had been through seven hells together and I had grown strong feelings for him. Lucky for me, I saw him a lot since I was also the bands' bus driver.

I put the bus into park and leaned back in the leather seat. My eyes were droopy but I had to wake up the guys and tell them that we were here. I stood up and walked past the chairs, almost tripping over my feet.

"Woah, you okay Rhys?" Ricky asked as he steadied me.

"Yea, just trying to stay awake." I replied.

"Go lay down, it's been a while since you've driven that long." He said.

"I can't, gotta wake up the guys." I replied with a yawn.

"I'll do it, you need sleep. You can sleep in my bunk." He said.

"Thanks Ricky." I gave him a tired smile.

He walked me back to the bunk and helped me up. I immediately got comfy and turned onto my side. He had old Polaroid pictures of us from highschool taped to the inside of his bunk making me smile. I had completely forgotten what we had looked like back then.

I was thin from hardly eating thanks to a monster commonly known as cancer. My head was buzzed and my ears were stretched big enough to barely fit a pencil through. Ricky had his shark bite piercings in and his hair was shorter then what he had now. He was still attractive though.

I laid there looking at the pictures until I finally fell asleep. The feeling of someone shaking me woke me up several hours later.

"Rhys, it's time to get up." Ricky said.

I sat up and nodded.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"11." He replied.

"Shit, I'm going to be late for bus call." I said as I moved to climb out of the bunk.

"You're alright, it's 11 am." He replied.

"Oh alright." I said.

"I like your pictures." I added.

"Thanks, I found them in a box at my house." He smiled.

"They make me realize how far we've come." I replied.

"Yup. You won your battle, I achieved my dream." He smiled as he helped me out of the bunk.

I pulled him into a hug which made him wrap his arms around me in return.

"Ricky, I love you." I said without realizing it.

He pulled back slightly and looked down at me with wide eyes. He leaned down and gave me a love filled kiss.

"I love you too my warrior." He said making me smile.

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