Vinny Mauro/ Rose

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"Uh, where are we going Ricky?" Rhii asked, following the guitarist towards the stage.

"You'll see." He smiled.

He pulled her onto the dark stage, stopping when they were next to where the equipment had been set up earlier.

"What're we-?" Rhii stopped when she saw the stage lights kick on.

Vinny stood center stage, facing them with a bouquet of black roses in his hands. He smiled at her softly as she walked over to him.

"Vinny?" She questioned.

Vinny handed her the roses gently.

"I uh, I've been wanting to do this for a while but I kept chickening out." Vinny chuckled nervously.

"What is it?" Rhii asked in concern.

"Rhii, we've been together for five years . You've been there for me long before I joined Motionless, you dropped everything for me, you even moved in with my mom to help her out. I couldn't be more thankful for having a girlfriend like you but, I think we should stop dating."

Tears came to Rhii's eyes.

"What?!" She said, her voice cracking.

Vinny got down on one knee and pulled a small black box from his pocket.

"We should stop dating because I want to marry you." Vinny said, looking up into Rhii's grey eyes.

"W-what?" She asked.

"Rhii Luccings, will you marry me?"

Rhii broke out into tears and dropped the roses. She dropped to her knees and pulled Vinny in for a hug.

"You scared me!" She yelled.

"I'm sorry babe, so will you marry me?"

"Of course!" She replied.

(8 months later)

"Dude, calm down." Chris chuckled as Vinny nervously fidgeted.

"Dude, I'm getting married, how am I going to calm down?" Vinny asked.

He straightened his tie and looked up to the large wooden doors, waiting for his bride to walk through.

Suddenly, the doors open slightly and Kylie nodded through them before they opened fully. Devin and Kylie walked down the aisle, arms linked together. Angelo and Kelly followed before the piano music came on.

Vinny gasped at the sight of Ricky walking Rhii down the aisle, she was absolutely gorgeous to say the least.

She wore a pure white chiton with her dark brown hair pulled back into a braid.

Tears came to his eyes, he couldn't believe that he managed to find someone as gorgeous as Rhii.

Rhii smiled nervously at him as she walked down the aisle with Ricky.

When she made it to him, Rhii kissed Ricky's cheek before holding Vinny's hands.

"Hey gorgeous." Vinny said loud enough for her to hear.

"Hey handsome." She smiled.

The priest began the ceremony and the two exchanged their vows. Vinny slid the ring onto Rhii's finger before she slid one onto his.

"You may now kiss the bride." The priest smiled, closing his book.

Vinny smiled and Rhii and put a hand on her cheek before leaning into her. The audience went crazy as their lips connected.

"I love you so much Mrs.Mauro." Vinny whispered into her ear.

She giggled happily and pecked his lips.

"I love you too."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Mr and Mrs Mauro." The priest said happily.

The crowd cheered again as Vinny picked up Rhii and spun them around.

"Here's to our life together." Rhii smiled.

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