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Request #2

"Alright everyone, we've got a treat for you tonight." Chris smirked as he spoke to the audience.

He quickly glanced to the side to make sure everything was in order. After receiving the thumbs up from his tour manager, he looked back to the audience.

"A very, very good friend of mine will be coming on stage with us in a moment to sing Contemptress." He smiled, thinking of his 'friend' that would be coming on.

(Heads up, I can't remember all the lyrics so don't kill me)

He held his hand up and a red headed woman walked on stage and took his hand.

She wore black leather pants and a black muscle top that had been ripped up. She also wore matching combat boots and a black cuff on her wrist.

Chris smiled at her and she returned it before he nodded to Vinny who then started the song.

Chris and the young woman sang in perfect tune through out the song, heck it was almost as if she was there to help write the song.

Once they finished, Chris did something that not only surprised himself but the entire crowd.

He grabbed the young woman by the waist and dipped kissed her. She smiled into the kissed and giggled when he stood her back up.

"So uh, I guess that it's safe to say that we're dating." He chuckled into the mic.

The crowd stayed quiet for a moment before cheering making her smile.

"This is Laura by the way, she's the lead singer of a band called Old Past Skulls. They're a great band and great people." Chris smiled making her kiss his cheek.

God did Chris love this girl.

Kinda short but I hope you liked it!

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