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Apocolips  by youngblood2354
Apocolips by Hanna
Abigail Lilith Jenners, 15 year old girl, who lives in poverty. Her Mom, Gina, is not such a good person. Her Mom has problems, and one day she took it too far. Abigail...
Pirate Boy by Pandapoop97
Pirate Boyby Shit Box
Since Vinny decided to lie to me and act like everything was my fault I decided it was time to just move on, and what better way to do that by being Palaye Royale's merc...
Chris Motionless' Sister? //Motionless In White Fanfiction by piercetheabii
Chris Motionless' Sister? // Abi
Izzy's mom and dad split up when she was 2 her mom kept her and her dad took her brother. She doesn't remember who her brother is since she was so young and her mom does...
Ricky Horror imagines (Completed) by moonchild_crow
Ricky Horror imagines (Completed)by Luna
Cute, fluffy and sweet Ricky Horror imagines. I do take requests! Enjoy!
Motionless in White Imagines & One Shots (Open) by Creature1031
Motionless in White Imagines & Christy
Just a little something for the members of Motionless! Requests are currently open and is not just limited to current members. If you submit a request and it is not some...
Eternally yours (Chris motionless) by ABundleOfHorror
Eternally yours (Chris motionless)by Iconic tears
"You can't leave because your eternally mine and I'm eternally yours"
Moving||C.M by bittersweetlovings
Moving||C.Mby Dakota
Moving in with my blind date was the last thing I have in mind and now I'm stuck with him on Ashley and Nikki's behalf. I just can't wait to see how long I last.
From Innocent To Deadly by MotionlessInHim
From Innocent To Deadlyby Ghost
Ricky Olson is a mute with only two friends. He doesn't have the best life, but it's not all that bad. When his school gets a new kid, this all changes. Chris Cerulli is...
Motionless In White Pictures and Memes!! by MidnightCityAngel
Motionless In White Pictures and MidnightCityAngel
Just Pictures and Memes of Motionless In White! And some other bands!!!!!
Synthetic Love, Ryan Sitkowski MIW by devilsxnightx
Synthetic Love, Ryan Sitkowski MIWby stevie
Charlie Olson is the younger sister to rhythm guitarist Ricky Horror. But a night with her drunken brother doesn't always end well...
Chris Motionless's lil Misfit by WhorrorLore
Chris Motionless's lil Misfitby Luna Horror
A pinky promise is forever...
Motionless In White One Shots by Rose11678
Motionless In White One Shotsby Rose11678
Yep, I'm doing gay MIW one shots because why not? Here are my rules: No incest or anything, please (that should just be a given, because I won't do that) I'll do mild sm...
His Graveyard Baby, Her Horror King [Ricky Olson / Ricky Horror BDSM ] by MamaHorror
His Graveyard Baby, Her Horror MamaHorror
Contains BDSM elements. What do you call a man that is sexy and seductive? Dark and mysterious? Strict and hateful, but caring? Richard Olson, your master. I loved all...
Quiet Like a Ghost by themustangrose
Quiet Like a Ghostby s h e l b y r o s e
Devin " Ghost " Sola is extremely shy given his minor celebrity status for being the bassist of industrial metal band Motionless in White. When the band forces...
My 6'1 savior - Chris Motionless Cerulli by Xena_Writes
My 6'1 savior - Chris Motionless Xena_Writes
Y/N goes to a MIW concert, and meets the band after the show. Little does she know, Chris will be the one who saves her from what's to come as she's walking home.
☆Motionless In White Imagines☆ by cutforricky
☆Motionless In White Imagines☆by •☆Princess of Darkness☆•
☆♡Smut, fluff, anything really. Please feel free to request I'm on wattpad like 24/7 so any requests will probably be done within a couple of minutes requested. Also ple...
The Cat Sitter// Ricky Olson by HunterthePandaGirl
The Cat Sitter// Ricky Olsonby HunterthePandaGirl
Brie took a job off Facebook to babysit a cat because she loves cats and has nothing better to do. It's Ricky Olson's cat, Dexter. Ricky thought it was a 15 year old no...
Neighbors (Chris Motionless) by GrandDaddyDevil
Neighbors (Chris Motionless)by Dying inside ⚰️
Athena, the loner, and apparently the "freak" to everyone meets Chris Motionless, them being a tad bit different from everyone else makes them even closer. Bes...
not warriors//vinny mauro by chorizomauro
not warriors//vinny mauroby 🃏
Y/N is Ryan Sitkowski's best friend. Ryan has a band with his friends named Motionless In White. One day, the drummer, Angelo, announces he's leaving the band. Who wil...
Adopted By Ash Costello by weallwannadie
Adopted By Ash Costelloby tara
Angel grew up in a foster home. She switched them every year. But one year she moves in with a woman named Amy. The week after she moved in with her, there was a New Yea...