Vinny Mauro/ Shy

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Olivia was painfully shy, that's just how she was because of her past. There was some things that she could do but somethings just seemed impossible to her.

Her career made it better though, she faced her fears every time she walked on stage.

"Livi." Raz, her band's singer called as he walked towards the bunks.

"Hmm?" She hummed in reply, not looking up from her laptop.

"We're going out to lunch with one of the bands we're touring with, wanna come?"

Olivia looked up at him, a little anxiety building up in her chest.

"It'll be fun, If your anxiety starts to bug you, I'll walk you back." Raz said, leaning against the door way.

She sighed and closed her laptop.

"I guess." She said, standing up.

Raz smiled and threw his arm over her shoulders, leading the way outside.

Olivia sat down at the long table next to Raz and Jack, the drummer.

"When are the twins getting here?" Jack asked, leaning his elbows on the table.

"He's walking over with MIW." Raz replied, bouncing his leg.

Olivia looked around, taking in the surroundings and the people that were staring at her and her bond brother's weird looks. They always wore all black with black makeup. Raz was the only person in the band that didn't have dark hair, in fact, he had a dark emerald green hair that he loved with his every being.

Jack broke Olivia from her thoughts by moving a piece of her dark brown hair from her face.

"You okay, kiddo?" He asked, leaning back in his chair some.

"Yea, just kinda anxious." She answered, her voice shaking.

"Don't worry about it, they're great guys. You'll like their drummer Vinny, he plays video games on twitch like you." jack replied, trying to calm her down some.

Olivia nodded, looking up when she heard one of the twins' giggle.

"Alright, you've met everyone except for Olivia, our lead guitarist." Tony, the bassist, said.

Olivia gave a polite wave, noticing the shortest of the five staring at her.

"Livi, this is Chris, Ricky, Ghost, Ryan and Vinny." Tobi, the guitarist, said.

"Nice to meet you, you've down wonderful work as a guitarist." Ricky said, offering his hand for her shake.

"Oh, thank you." Olivia replied, shaking her hand.

The two bands ate together, Olivia stayed quiet as usual, occasionally catching Vinny staring at her which made her uncomfortable. Once she finished eating her food, she excused herself to go meet up with a fan with the Make A Wish foundation.

Olivia stood up from the table after paying for her food, she waved goodbye before heading towards the door.

"Olivia!" A voice caught her attention before making her stop.

She looked over her shoulder, seeing Vinny jogging over to her.

"Hey, I wanted to ask if we could hangout sometime possibly." He stated, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Um, sure thing, Jack has my number if you want it." Olivia replied shyly.

"Great, thanks, have fun." He smiled before walking back to the table.

A couple months later, tour was almost over with only a few days left. Olivia had gotten to know the guys from MIW and could honestly say that they were some of her best friends. Vinny seemed to stand out to her though, he was extremely charming and caring.

If Olivia began to act anxious while with any of the guys, they'd immediately ask what was wrong to try to help her.

Olivia walked off the bus and leaned against the dark purple siding. She pulled her phone from her pocket and started going through her voicemails, making sure she didn't miss anything special.

"Hey, livi." A voice said making her look up.

Vinny walked over, smiling softly.

"Hey V." She smiled, putting her phone back in her pocket.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Nothing much, Tobi is trying to hook me up with a date." Olivia replied.

"Oh." Vinny said.

Olivia looked up at him, slightly curious.

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"Nah, nah it's nothing." He answered, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Vinny, what's wrong?"

He sighed, putting his head back slightly.

"This tour, it started off good and stuff, the fans are fantastic but you came along and you made it even better. You're so beautiful and talented and so so smart, I was so shy at first and I honestly felt fireworks the first time you hugged me. I guess what I'm trying to get out here is that I've fallen for you O, I've fallen for you and your charm and your brains and... I'm rambling." He sighed.

Olivia's mouth hung open, she was in pure shock.

"You know, tour started off the same way, until a certain drummer stepped into my life. He's great, definitely the type of guy id date." Olivia said, grinning at him.

"Who's this drummer?" Vinny asked, looking sad.

"Vinchezno Mauro." She answered.

Vinny immediately grinned and fist pumped the air.

"Does this mean you'll be my girlfriend?" He asked, bouncing in his feet like a little kid.

She pecked his lips then nodded in reply.

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