Chris Motionless/ Right Time

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"You went to the Motionless in White concert without me?!" Raz exclaimed, looking at his band member in disbelief as she giggled.

"Raz, sweetie, I gotta show my boyfriend some love from time to time." Ashley explained, smirking at him.

Raz shook his head at her, faking disappointment.

"I'll take you next time." Ash said, hugging her jacket to herself.

Cold air went right through her like she was nothing. Being in a dark alley at midnight wasn't helping either.

"Fine, I gotta go. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Raz said, putting his cigarette out.

"See ya then." Ash said, watching him walk to his car.

Ash smirked to herself, remembering the shenagins they had done just an hour ago. The wind blew making her shiver.

"Come on Chris." She mumbled, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up.

"Ashley Coffin?" A female voice asked making her look towards the other end of the alley.

"Uh, yea." Ash responded.

A blonde woman stepped into the light, she had a smile on her face that could prove she was up no good.

The moment she surged forward at Ashley proved it so.

In a quick moment, Ash caught the glint of a knife in the woman's hand and immediately grabbed the woman's wrist, holding it up to keep her from stabbing Ashley as the woman tried to push the knife onto her.

"Hell no!" Chris's familiar voice yelled.

Ash kept her concentration on the woman but when Chris literally threw the woman off of her, she took a quick sigh of relief.

"Run!" Chris yelled, grabbing Ashley's hand.

They both took off down the street running as fast as their legs could carry them. They didn't stop until they reached Chris's car where they climbed in and sped off to the nearby police station. Once they placed a report and was cleared to leave, Chris drove her to his house, afraid to leave her home alone.

"You can sleep where ever you want, help yourself and make yourself at home." Chris said, straightening the livingroom up some.

"Thanks, but don't worry about cleaning up, my place isn't any better." Alex said, shrugging her jacket off.

Chris sighed, putting the cups in his hands back onto the coffee table before sitting on the black leather couch.

"You okay?" Alex asked, sitting next to him with her hand on his.

"Yea, I just can't stop thinking what would have happened if I hadn't shown up when I did." He responded.

"I'm okay Chris, you showed up at the perfect time." She rubbed his hand making him look at her.

Alex gently kissed his lips, moving her hand to his cheek. Chris leaned into the kiss, pulling her closer by her hips. They continued the kiss until they had to pull away for air.

"How about we forget what happened tonight and just cuddle?" Alex said,  putting her thumb on his chin.


Alex moved from him and laid down, letting him lay over her with his head on her chest.

"I love you Alexsandria." He smiled.

"I love you too Christopher."

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