Chris Motionless / Friend

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I could name the last time I saw him, my only best friend Chris Cerulli. You probably know him as Chris Motionless seeing as he finally succeeded in making a band. We were both wanting to be in a band but I hadn't succeeded. When I was 18, my parents kicked me out because I was a 'Satan worshipping fag' as they put it.

I was homeless for a year before I finally was able to get a job that gave me a free place to live as long as I kept it clean. I worked there as a tattoo artist until I had enough money to start my own parlor, which I did. It didn't take long for me to become well known.

I walked down the street with my hands tucked into my pockets because I had forgotten my clothes at work again.

"Thief!" A male voice called out making me look over my shoulder.

A person dressed fully in black was running my direction with something in his hand. I quickly threw my foot in his way sending him to the snow covered sidewalk. He attempted to get up but I grabbed the object from his hand and kicked his legged. He got up and scrambled away.

"T-thanks." Someone said as they tried to regain their breath back.

"No problem." I replied and handed their wallet to them.

"Hey, do I know you?" They asked.

I looked up at them and instantly remembered them.

"Chris?" I asked.

He pulled me into a hug making me smile.

"Holy shit I've missed you. How have you been?" He asked.

"Great, I'm a tattoo artist and I'm a mom." I smiled.

"Holy crap. That's amazing!" He grinned.

"Yea, I adopted a boy from the orphanage named Oliver. He's 15 now." I replied.

"That's really awesome of you to do Andi." He said.

"How about you?" I asked.

"I'm in a band called Motionless in White." He smiled.

"That's awesome." I replied.

He nodded with a shiver.

"My place is done the street if you wanna stop by for some hot chocolate." I said.

"That'd be great." He replied.

He walked down the street together, talking about our lives. He learned I was still single and I learned that Angelo was about to marry his high school sweet heart.

I opened the door to my large apartment and kicked my shoes off.

"Hey Oli! I'm home!" I shouted into the house.

Chris followed me in and kicked his shoes off as well. The familiar teenage boy with blonde under cut hair stepped from around the corner with a smile.

"Oli, this is Chris, a very old friend of mine." I said as I hung my coat up.

"Hello." Oliver said as he shook Chris' hand.

"Would you mind making some hot cocoa?"

"Sure thing. Lizzy is passed out in my room, her mom got into another fight with her." Oli said.

"Is she staying the night?" I asked.

"That was my next question."

"That's fine with me, no funny business." I replied.

"Thanks mom." He said as he walked to the kitchen.

"Lizzy is his girlfriend?" Chris asked.

"Yup." I smiled.

I opened the closet and pulled some blankets out. I handed one to Chris and walked to the couch.

"So you're a tattoo artist?" Chris asked.

"Yup." I smiled.

"When did you start?" He asked.

"I was twenty. I had been homeless for a year after my parents kicked me out. I found a tattoo parlor ran by a guy named Travis who offered me the apartment above the parlor, I was allowed to stay there as long as I kept the place clean. I worked there until I 25 when I finally bought my own place and started a parlor. I've been doing it ever since." I replied as Oliver handed us our mugs.

"You were homeless?" Chris asked.

"Yea, my parents didn't like what I was wanting to be so they kicked me out." I said.

"That is horrible Andi, I'm so sorry." He replied.

"Don't be, I'm happy where I'm at." I said.

"That's good." He smiled then kissed my cheek.

I almost want to continue this as a story but with more detail. What do you think? Anyways, thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

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