Chris Motionless/ Pain

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How could this happen? My only living family had died thanks to their abusive boyfriend after five years of constant abuse. She had never done something wrong, she always had dinner done and his clothes clean but it was never enough.

Pain couldn't cover what I was feeling, she was my sister after all. I had no one else to face this world with me besides a friend named Chris who was constantly on tour or spending time with his family. There was nothing wrong with that, I just truly missed him.

The all too familiar sound of the ringtone I had set to chris' contact broke the silence of my bedroom. I glanced down at my phone before picking it up and pressing the answer button.

"Hello?" I asked, trying to control my voice.

"Hey Tess, I was wondering if you'd want to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings. They have a special going on." Chris asked, sounding extra cheerful.

"Um, not today Chris, sorry." I replied.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"No." My voice cracked and I mentally cursed myself.

"Tess, what's wrong?"

I sighed and sniffed.

"I got a call from the police early this morning. They said that one of my sister's neighbors heard loud yelling around midnight and called the police. They showed up to find out which house the yelling was coming from and singled out her house. By the time they made it into the house." Tears started flowing down my cheeks.

"Oh Tess, I'm so sorry." Chris spoke softly.

"She's dead Chris, I no longer have a family." I sobbed.

"Hey, you have a family Tess. I'm always here for you. In fact, I'm about to drive to your house right now." He replied.

I wiped a tear away and nodded.

"I unlock the door." I said.

"Be there soon doll face." Chris said then hung up.

I paced the floor, waiting for Chris to show up. The noise of the door opening made me stop in my tracks. Chris stood in the door way with his arms out, he knew me well enough to know that I loved his hugs.

I immediately rushed into his arms which tightened around me in a warm embrace.

"Tess, I am so sorry for you and you have no idea how much I feel for you right now but I know you will make it through this. I will always be here for you even when I'm not physically. You are more then welcome to come with me on tours, the guys love you! I love you." Chris said.

I pulled back just enough to look up at him. He looked down at me with a smile on his face.

"You are such a gorgeous girl Tess, you have always stood out to me. I will never ever hurt you and I can promise that." He added.

A spark started in my chest and before I realized what I was doing, my lips were pressed against Chris'. His hand went to the back of neck as he sweetly kissed me back. We both pulled back for air leaving me breathless.

"I have wanted that forever." He chuckled with a smile.

Hello, I hoped you enjoyed this. This is not the first book or collection I have started writing. I had another account that I recently shut down but I will be continuing this. Anyways, have a lovely day!

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