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Chris Motionless's lil Misfit by sorrybutimdone
Chris Motionless's lil Misfitby sorrybutimdone
A pinky promise is forever...
Infamous *Ricky Horror Love Story* by kvltstranger
Infamous *Ricky Horror Love Story*by rhi
Riot Cerulli is the troublemaker of the family. With her living in her brother's shadow, that's her way of leaving her mark. When her Mother has finally had enough of he...
To Quick To Judge (Bad Boys) {Motionless In White Fanfic} by savioursbeauty
To Quick To Judge (Bad Boys) {Moti...by Louise
Sienna walks home everyday after school past a group of dark satanic boys. What happens the day she finally comes face to face with them?
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Story) by ShadyCaity
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Stor...by Caity Motionless
I never really was good at the whole dating thing. I've never been in love, and frankly I don't believe in it. In my opinion, dating is just to see if someone is compati...
Never Saw It Coming (Motionless In White) by DecxmpxsedPrincess
Never Saw It Coming (Motionless In...by Kat
Abigail Costello is the younger sister of Ashley Costello, from the uprising band New Years Day. Abigail and Ashley have always been super close and once Ash gets amazin...
Ricky Olson Love Story by rickyolsonn
Ricky Olson Love Storyby ricky
You moved in a town near Scranton, Pennsylvania to live with your father after your mother lost custody of you. Little did you know, you'd meet the man of your dreams he...
Falsify | Ricky Horror ✔ by GloomWriter
Falsify | Ricky Horror ✔by Gloom Writer
"There are moments with you where everything stills; I feel calm. I don't do calm. It's never existed for me. It's never been more than a fragmented concept to me...
Neighbors (Chris Motionless) by GrandDaddyDevil
Neighbors (Chris Motionless)by Dying inside ⚰️
Athena, the loner, and apparently the "freak" to everyone meets Chris Motionless, them being a tad bit different from everyone else makes them even closer. Bes...
sister ↠ r.h by graveyardqxeen
sister ↠ r.hby graveyardqxeen
❅in which ricky starts falling for his band mates sister ❅
Ricky Horror Imagines by FallenxSaviour
Ricky Horror Imaginesby FallenxSaviour
Just a bunch of imagines about Ricky Horror! Leave requests in the comments and ill do my best!
Disguise {Chris Motionless} by BloodSapphire
Disguise {Chris Motionless}by 🌻 𝓢.𝓥. 𝓐𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 🌻
When Chris Motionless meets his new neighbor, Briar, he'll learn more about her than he thought he would.
Motionless in White One-Shots by Graveyard_Baby_
Motionless in White One-Shotsby Graveyard Baby
Imagines, One shots and short stories about members of the one and only, Motionless in White. #7- Vinny Mauro 7/21 #4- Ricky Horror 8/21 #2- Ryan Sitkowski 3/22 #1- Just...
Motionless in White Imagines & One Shots (Open) by Creature1031
Motionless in White Imagines & One...by Christy
Just a little something for the members of Motionless! Requests are currently open and is not just limited to current members. If you submit a request and it is not some...
⌑ Eternally yours/ Vinny M X OC/ ⌑ by R0manceCE0
⌑ Eternally yours/ Vinny M X OC/ ⌑by R0manceCE0
Valerie, an expert in fixing instruments and a professional drummer meets Ricky Olson and Vinny Mauro when fixing their instruments. But all is not what it seems, for Vi...
The Return | Cricky by NonaHysteria
The Return | Crickyby ɳøɳα
A vampire awakes in strange surroundings, unable to remember how he got here, or where "here" is. How cliche.
All I Need Is You •A Ricky Horror fanfiction•  by justshygirlthings
All I Need Is You •A Ricky Horror...by 🥺
This may seem hard to explain, I'm the adopted daughter of Chris Motionless. Yea, the lead singer of Motionless In White. You could be thinking that's so cool what's so...
Stung by the Wasp (a Chris Motionless fanfiction) by Creep_It_Kawaii
Stung by the Wasp (a Chris Motionl...by Creep_It_Kawaii
Elise Blastery (pronounced El-lease) is a shy, social outcast in a small town in Scotland who comes across an infamous front man by the name of Chris Motionless from ba...
You Don't Need To Be Perfect (Adopted by Motionless In White)  by Devon0o0
You Don't Need To Be Perfect (Adop...by Devon M
Jessica and her sister Jennifer lived in an adoption center for almost their whole lives. Until one day this strange looking guy came in and took interest in haveing the...