Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 24)

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Five days.

Five damn days!

Where the hell is Analee? On her diary, she said she would go back to the place where we first met - which was my room - but she was not there! I had waited five freaking days in my room hoping she will come back but she did not!

Three days.

We had only three days to find her and bring her back to the castle. In addition, we only had three more days left to find Ethan and Ely. The Book of Ritual said that a demon could not perform the ritual... only an angel.

Athrun and the rest of the angels were not willing to do the sacrifice meaning I was the only one who could save her. Moreover, to save her we had to turn her into a human...

"Are you sure this is the place?" Zena asked and took Analee's diary away from me and reread it.

=== After my birthday, I will spend my remaining eight days on the place where Kira and I first met. ===

"Yes." I recalled the time when Analee unexpectedly appeared inside my room and confessed her true feelings for me.

Recalling the times when we were together was so hard top do these past five days. I was always on the verge of crying every time I tried to thing about her. The pain I felt in my chest was incomparable...

"Then why isn't she here!" She handed the book to Athrun and grabbed my shoulders. "If this is the place then why isn't she here?"

"I don't know either!" I said exasperatedly.

Damn! Where the hell is she? Why didn't she tell me the truth? No... wait... scratch that. I know why she did not tell me the truth. She thought I was not willing to do the sacrifice. No... scratch that too. She KNEW I was more than willing to do the sacrifice but she thought I would not be... satisfied.

"Do you think she changed her mind?" Zena asked Athrun.

No! She cannot do that! It would be very impossible for us to find her if she do that! We only have three days left! And I was still a hopeless DEMON! Come on, Ethan!

If I knew that this was going to happen, I should not have convinced Ethan to abduct Ely! I should have just told him the demons' plans and hide Ely to the place where WE know!

"I don't know." He threw the book on the bed and sat beside me. "Think very carefully, Kira. Are you really really really sure that this is the place where you first met her?"

"YES!" Damn it, I was so sure! "She appeared here and told me that she loves me which made me a bit confuse because it was the first time I met her. I mean, how could she fall in love with me? I told her that it was the first time we met but she claimed that... that..."

"That what?" Zena and Athrun asked at the same time.

"She said that she was the reason why I became a demon..." Which was very impossible! "When she appeared in my room and I told her that I don't know her, she was a bit surprised. She was surprised that I don't know her and then she said that she was the reason why I became a demon."

"She was the reason why you became a demon?" Zena repeated. "But you said you became a demon because you killed an angel who was trying to kill a girl..."


There was a moment of silence as we try to decipher this mind-blowing puzzle. Why would Analee say that she was the reason why I became a demon? Why did she thought that I knew her?

Had I really met her and I just can't remember it?

"Tell me, Kira." Athrun stood up and faced me, breaking the deafening silence. "The girl you saved from the angel... is she a demon or an angel?"

"I don't really know... all I know is the color of her hair..."

And then it hit me.

Damn! The girl was blonde! Analee was the girl I rescued from the angel! Now I know why she said she was the reason why I became a demon!

Damn and double damn!

"What is it, Kira?" Zena asked in alarm. She stood beside Athrun and looked at me worriedly. "Tell me!

"The girl I saved from the angel and Analee is one..."

Zena grabbed my hands. "Where did you save her?"

"Mt. Makil..."


The place had changed.

The leaf canopy is destroyed, the ground beneath was now occupied by a thick, tangled growth of vines, and small trees. There was also a lack of sunlight at the ground level. All these changes made the place bloodcurdling.

And not far from where we were standing... was the body of Analee.

She was lying on the ground beside a big tree. She was as white as ghost. She was thinner and there were many bruises on her skin. It was as if a group of addicts had beaten her. The moment I touched her I felt a shiver down my spine.

She was as cold as ice. If not for her slow, very slow, breathing I would think she was dead.

How much pain did she have to endure during those past five days? Did she shriek or writhe in pain? Did she cry? Damn it! How I wish I were there to comfort her and help ease the pain!

"Analee... please open your eyes..."

No response or movement. undergrowth

"We have to bring her back to the castle immediately and perform the ritual," Zena said urgently. "In her condition... looks like she was not going to last for three more days! Look at all the bruises and blood in her dress!"

"But I thought you said she has eight days before she dies!"

"Yes... but Analee's condition is different." She knelt beside Analee, gently lifted her head up and begun healing her open wounds. "She suffered five days here in the mountain. No one was here to heal her wounds and bruises."

"I don't get it! Why does she have so many bruises and wounds?" I lightly touched her bruises and helped Zena in healing them. "Where did she get all of these?"

"It was part of the curse," she said coldly. "Devaughn's curse will make the frontterra suffer an intolerable pain before dying. It will be a slow and very painful death. It was the reason why most of the frontterra died even before the eighth day."

No. She cannot die! Not now!

When we were done, I lifted Analee up and cradled her closer to my heart. "She'll make it... she's strong."

She was very strong.

Don't die, Analee. Don't die.

The three of us went back to the angels' lair. We headed to the great hall where the others were waiting for us. Athrun and Zena opened the door and I hurriedly entered the room. Once inside, I found myself face to face with the man who used to be my best friend.

I thought I was only hallucinating but he smirked and looked at Analee with deep concern in his eyes.


"I heard you are looking for me..." Ethan said malevolently.

I searched for Ely but she was nowhere to find. "Where is she?"

"In her room with Ashley... she's preparing for the ritual."

Thank you God.


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