Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 21)

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Eleven in the evening.

Damn it! Analee will be turning fifty after one hour!

I wanted to propose to her before she turn fifty but I was stuck here inside my room. Both my hands were tied above my head; each of them was begging for mercy. My feet were tied together by a heavy chain; making it almost impossible to move. All the appliances inside my room were removed from my room. The only thing left here was my blood-soaked bed and me....

I just hope Analee will not come here. She must not. There were too many demons here. There was no way she could kill all of them singlehandedly. Lord God, please... do not let her come here.

"You're awake..."

"She won't come here..."

Zed leaned on the door across me and smirked. "She'll come... she has the mania of following you. She loves stalking on you."

Adjusting myself a little to ease the pain in my arms I said, "She'll kill you... she'll kill all of you. I hope she kill you in the most brutal way."

"Don't underestimate me, son."

"You are not my father," I snapped. "Just go to hell, Zed."

"You are angry at me because you thought I killed your mother, right?"


"I did not," he said in amusement. "Your sister killed her."

Ha! What a son of a bitch! He wanted me to believe that lie? "Zena was only a baby that time."

"Do you know why the female demons don't want to have a baby with their husband?" When I frowned, he smirked again and continued his babble. "They DIE after giving birth, Kira."

They die? But why? And what does this had to do with the death of my mother? Wait, he said Zena was the one who killed my mother. "You mean my mother..."

"Yes, Kira. Your mother died after giving birth to Zena."

"Then Zena is..."

"Also a frontterra like Analee," he supplied.

Impossible. Zena could not be a frontterra. "Liar..."

I could see by his expression that he was enjoying my reaction. "ZENA!"

Zena materialized in front of me facing my father. "What do you want?"

"Kira wants to talk to you..."

Zena turned around. Her eyes widened and bit her lower lip the moment she saw me. She doubled up her fists and turned around again to face my father. "Why did you do this to him? He is your son... my brother!"

"He betrayed me," he said flatly. "He hid the frontterra and he doesn't want to tell me where he hid her so I used him to lure the frontterra into showing up here."

"You already have me so why do you still want to have her?"

"So he is telling the truth... you are also a frontterra..." I croaked. "Why didn't you tell me, Zena?"

"Father told me one should know..."

"I can't understand... you hate him too. Why do you have to serve him?"

"He said he could save me," she explained.

"Save you from what?" Damn it! My father was using my sister!

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