Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 9)

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Are you going to get rid of her or do you want me to get rid of her? What a choice! I knew that the best thing to do was get rid of Analee but the problem was I do not know how! I had tried everything!

Maybe I had to talk to Athrun again. I hope he had more plans because I cannot let my father kill Analee. The idea of protecting Analee from my father sounded so stupid but I cannot help myself but worry about Analee's safety. I just know that I had to protect her.

She was... special... a special friend.

I drew a long breath and walked a little closer to Analee. She was now wearing a clean white dress that has blue laces on the hem. Her hair was splayed on her pillow and both her hands were resting on her stomach. She looked too small and too fragile to be a demon... I think she was only 5'4". Most of the demons here like me, were 6'2".

I took the wooden chair, which was near her half opened window and placed it near her bed. She had not moved an inch since I arrived in her room. I had been watching her sleep for almost an hour. She was already sleeping when I arrived here and as expected Lachlan was not here waiting for Analee to wake up. I do not know what I could do to Lachlan if I found him here watching Analee as she sleeps.

Weren't I supposed to help Lachlan to get closer to Analee. It was part of my original plan in getting rid of Analee so why the hell was I being so stupid and kept on pushing Lachlan away from Analee? It was Lachlan who should be here and not me!

But I can't stand the idea of Lachlan sitting here beside Analee and making her feel comfortable! I do not know why but the idea really pissed me off! I wanted to rip off Lachlan's head when I saw him put his arm around Analee's waist and every time I see him with Analee I get so angry that I do things that I wasn't supposed to do or say things that were too obnoxious to say!

Analee suddenly yawned, stretched her arms and made a face when she tired to extend her arms. There were still purple marks on her body and few scratches on her legs but they were not too visible now. The wound on the corner of her mouth had gone too. She looked better now though she was still a little pale.

I think Lachlan healed Analee while I was gone talking to my father. He does not want me to see him as he healed Analee's wounds. He does not want witnesses. He wanted to be discreet because he does not want anyone to suspect him that he was a frontterra.

Maybe he was really planning to kill the current archdemon so that he will be the new archdemon. I know that Lachlan was hungry for power just like Ashtar. But why wasn't he doing anything? I mean, he could kill the archdemon anytime he wanted so why did he keep on pretending that he was just a normal demon like me?

Analee rolled to one side so that she could face me. "Kira, is that you?"

"Yes," I answered and when she tried to sit up I gently pushed her down. "You need more rest... you look like hell..."

She frowned and ran a hand through her hair. She also touched the wounds on her face and said, "Do I look so wretched?"

"You still look beautiful." The words slipped out from my mouth before I could stop them.

Well hell, I was just saying the truth! Though her deep blue eyes were covered with pain and her face covered with purple marks, she still looked as stunning as she could be. I know that there were many girls who were more stunning than Analee but I'd rather spend my whole time looking at Analee's 'wretched' face than look at the other girls' 'unmarked' faces. There was something in Analee's face that made me... smile.

"Really?" she asked sheepishly.

"No, I was just kidding." I snapped.

She pouted her lips and then grunted. "What are you doing here in the first place? I still haven't forgiven you for the things you have said to me yesterday. Are you here to apologize or to thank me for helping you earlier?"

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