Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 10)

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All night I did nothing but toss and turn in bed. I know that I had to sleep so that I could regain my energy faster but... I just can't. The last conversation that I had with Analee kept on playing ion my mind. The way her face softened when she said that she loves me and the way her eyes burned in determination when she said that she won't give up on me where the images that I kept on seeing every time I close my eyes.

Urgh! I don't know what to do anymore! I was so confused! I wanted her to leave me alone because I knew it would save her from my father's anger but the thought of living without her made my stomach flipped. I don't know what she did to me that changed my feelings for her. I swear that when I first met her all I felt toward her was nothing but hatred but these past few days hatred became... became something I do not really know.

I wish I could talk to Athrun. He was the only one who could help and understand me. Right, I'll go there tomorrow and meet him at the greenhouse. I'll call him first thing in the morning and I won't take no for an answer.

The thought of having someone to talk to made me feel better so I turned on my back and tried to relax so that I could finally sleep. I closed my eyes and before I fell asleep, I heard myself whispering Analee's name...


I squinted in the bright morning light that was coming from the open window near the roof of the greenhouse. I sat on one of the couch placed at the center and put my feet on top of the table. The place had changed, I noticed. There were more flowers now. White and red roses were added and were planted near the entrance. There were also lilacs planted across me.

I suddenly stopped on studying my surroundings when I felt a human's aura entering the greenhouse. I pretended that I did not sense the human and continued on staring on the lilacs in front of me. What was a human doing here and where the hell was Athrun? I called him this morning and I told him to meet me here at around eight o'clock!

"Hello there!" someone greeted behind me.

When I saw that it was Ely, I stood up and smiled at her broadly. She was wearing a white lose shirt and a black jogging pants. Her hair was ponytailed and unlike most of the house cleaners here in the castle, she wore no make - up.

"Hello," I breathed then my eyes flashed behind her. "Is he with you?"


"Ethan," I said brusquely. Every time I was with Ely, Ethan would suddenly appear and grab Ely away from me.

I knew that Ethan was in love with this human so I took no offense every time he grabs Ely away to protect her from me. How did I know that Ethan was in love with Ely? Easy, every time he looks at Ely his eyes would say, 'Touch my girl and I'll kill you!'.

"No." She answered nonchalantly. "Why?"

"Because I do not think I could talk to you properly if he's here. I'll bet he will tug you away from me again like what he did the last time we met."

Her eyes brightened. "Do you know why he is like that?"

"Of course!"

"Really?" she beamed.

"Yes. But I don't think he will permit me to tell you that." I cannot tell her that Ethan was a demon like me and that this place was the angels' lair. Ethan would go bananas if he found out that I told Ely the truth.

I slumped uneasily. "But why?"

I chortled. "Why don't you sit here beside me and let's see if you could tempt me to tell it to you?"

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