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I Don't Like Bullies || L Lawliet x Reader by Grace_Space
I Don't Like Bullies || L Grace_Space
Winner of DeathNoteAwards Golden Apple section, Highest Ranking: #1 in L x Reader [COMPLETED] ACTION PACKED in the later chapters --- (Y/N) Lives in the Kanto region of...
  • light
  • llawliet
  • amazing
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Unexpected by Fandom_Happiness
Unexpectedby Gigi
One night, just one and now Stiles and Derek must deal with the consequences. Stiles ends up becoming pregnant and they both decide it's best kept a secret until Stiles...
  • yas
  • mpreg
  • sterek
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Altered // Stiles Stilinski [2] by KileyPayne
Altered // Stiles Stilinski [2]by KileyPayne
"The pain's still there. The grief... and shame. But I get it now. Shutting it off, it's a cheat. I mean, you put up this wall and shut out everything that makes yo...
  • derekhale
  • sequel
  • mtvteenwolf
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Fallen [Death Note Fanfic] [On Hold] by SarahKiddo9
Fallen [Death Note Fanfic] [On ThatDamnFangirl
"Do you have to go, Ryuk?" The girl asked the grinning shinnigami in front of her. Though, his eyes looked sad. "Apple, you have your whole life ahead of...
  • kira
  • deathnote
  • lawliet
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Make A Move (Death Note Fanfiction) by kawaiifruit
Make A Move (Death Note Fanfiction)by kawaiifruit
Under editing
  • detectivefiction
  • mihaelkeehl
  • wammyshouse
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Death Note: Light x Reader: Rule With Me by NekoM_
Death Note: Light x Reader: Rule 実春 ⁂╰( • ω • ✿)
|| COMPLETED || For a reason that you could not figure it out, you really admired Kira--the world-famous killer who kills the unkind people with an unknown strategy. O...
  • amanemisa
  • death
  • deathnote
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Insane Screams | s.s. by quititstilinski
Insane Screams | ✨Sarah✨
-I do not own any of the teen wolf characters- Fresh out of Eichenhouse, and holding back the screams that would get her sent back, but can she hold them back when the p...
  • lydia
  • liam
  • scott
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Kakashi's Teammate, the Lightning Goddess by fateofawakening
Kakashi's Teammate, the Karina Christine
Kira Izanami was part of Team Minato, and Kakashi's teammate. But when people, even ninja, sneak too far into enemy territory, bad things tend to happen. Kira was suppos...
  • sakura
  • kira
  • sasuke
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The Beta's Anchor ↬ Liam Dunbar by stilinskji
The Beta's Anchor ↬ Liam Dunbarby hana lnz
[C O M P L E T E] Sofia Stilinski is Stiles Stilinski's werewolf little sister. She has been with them through everything Beacon Hills has thrown at them, but she is onl...
  • werewolf
  • kira
  • teenwolf
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Coyote's Bite by Lindseydiangelo27
Coyote's Biteby Lindsey Argent
Malia had never met Isaac. He had left Beacon Hills, too upset about Allison's death to stay in a place where he would be reminded of her every day. But when Chris Argen...
  • marrish
  • sterek
  • malia
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Death Note One-Shots by Unlucky_Charm
Death Note One-Shotsby Unlucky_Charm
A bunch of one-shots about different Death Note characters. Leave me requests if you want a certain character included, and tell me if you want me to write a certain sce...
  • manga
  • matt
  • fanfiction
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Glow × Sciles × by Bi-Butterfly13
Glow × Sciles ×by Arixa
Stiles is getting weird bruises on his skin and the pack is getting worried about him. His dad hasn't noticed because he can't see the bruises. Scott knows there's somet...
  • yukimura
  • derek
  • kira
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Game of Lies: Light x Reader by Galaxy-Claws
Game of Lies: Light x Readerby Drifting Plastic Bag
When criminals were too wicked or malicious, you were always the one to delve out justice, no matter what the cost. You were the one protecting others for what the crimi...
  • reader
  • lawliet
  • lightyagami
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A Twist of Fate -Derek Hale (Teen Wolf) by derbearfeels
A Twist of Fate -Derek Hale ( Makenzie
Tessa McCall is bestfriends with brother Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. One night, the three of them go looking for a body. Well, their lives change from there. Tes...
  • scottmccall
  • werewolves
  • kira
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Gang Banging || Lucas Coly FF by nolimitkiraa
Gang Banging || Lucas Coly FFby 🖤 Lucas Coly 🖤
After Kira looses her older brother in a gang shoot out and her other brother is constantly in and out of jail she is on her own with only her best friend Lézae there wi...
  • violence
  • love
  • gangs
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Inazuma Eleven/ ares/go x reader imagines🌸 [requests open] by xiaojunist
Inazuma Eleven/ ares/go x reader xiaojunist
You like Inazuma Eleven? And you have a husbando in Inazuma Eleven? You came to the right place y'all, i author lan will provide you, with great content of inazuma eleve...
  • anime
  • romance
  • inazumaelevenchronostone
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Noelle||Jordan Parrish by shaela_mae
Noelle||Jordan Parrishby S_mae
Noelle Stilinski never thought her life would be this way...Over the past few years she has been bitten by Peter, changed into something supernatural, and lost a good fr...
  • stilinski
  • deputyparrish
  • lydia
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Inked Stiles. by itsjustreeree14
Inked itsjustreeree 14
Stiles always has worn long sleeves and never been seen wearing shorts. because he likes to make everyone think he's weak, defenseless and skinny. but under all the ba...
  • werewolves
  • issac
  • tattooedstiles
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Twenty For A Dozen by BehindTheNiqab
Twenty For A Dozenby vanilla price
When birthday planner Kira Joy volunteers at a kissing booth to support her brother's high school prom, she is paid a dozen hundred dollars by a very handsome stranger...
  • hot
  • kiss
  • cute
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Teen Wolf | Jolie Petite Créature ✗Tome 5 ✗ by Feeling_Alive
Teen Wolf | Jolie Petite Cré Monou
« Peut-être me jugez-vous pour le chemin que j'ai emprunté. Mais moi seule dois vivre avec mes choix. Et mes regrets. » Mon frère était l'un d'entre eux. Mes amis... éta...
  • lydiamartin
  • ardencho
  • theoraeken
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