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Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 6)

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"You want to talk to me?"

Zed pushed back his chair and put his feet on top of the table, the left foot on top of the other. "What happened to your investigations?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, though I perfectly know that he was talking about the servatrix and the frontterra.

"Stop playing games, Kira," he said callously.

I sat on the black couch placed just across his table. "I still don't know who the real servatrix is." The archdemon arched his brow and waited for me to give him more information. "I went to the castle last Saturday and I found out that the angels were still looking for the servatrix."

"How could you be so sure about that?"

"I asked Athrun if they have found the servatrix," before he could say another word I added, "Athrun is an angel."

He closed his mouth when I said the word 'angel' and nodded slowly. He knew that angels could not tell lies so Zed had no other choice but to believe in what Athrun had said about the servatrix. "What about the frontterra?"

Shit! Should I lie to him? Could I even lie to him? No, Zed would know if I was lying to him or not. He knew me perfectly... because I was his son.

When I looked up, he was already standing in front of me. His big green eyes were looking straight into mine. It was as if I was facing a mirror because like my father, I also had green eyes, bronze-layered hair and creamy complexion. The only thing that my mother and I had in common was the shape of our face. Both of us had a square shape face.

My mother. My mother who was murdered ten years ago.

"Do you already know who the frontterra is?" Zed asked, bringing me back from my reverie.

"I'm not yet sure if he's the real frontterra," I said in a low tone. I had to see first the insignia on his chest to be sure that he was the real frontterra.

Sensing that I was telling the truth, he stepped back and smiled a little. "So the frontterra is a man. Who is he?"

"I said I'm still not sure."

He shrugged. "Tell me who he is."

"Are you going to kill him using the entire army of demons?" I asked, hoping he would tell me first his plans before he executes them. I had to know his plans so that I could formulate a counter attack!

I need the frontterra alive! The frontterra is the only one who could defeat the archdemon in front of me single-handedly!

The frontterra is the only demon who could help me kill my father.

"Tell me who he is," Zed repeated.

"Lachlan," I said through fritted teeth.

I tried to read his mind by looking fixedly into his almond - shape eyes but I got nothing. His face remained as unreadable as it always was.

"What are you planning to do?" I croaked in a broken whisper.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and then opened up his eyes again. He looked... deadly. Well hell, he was more deadly and more powerful than I was! If only I was as powerful as the frontterra...

"Go to Ashtar," he commanded. "Tell him to talk to the human girl named Quincy. I heard that the angel, Justin, was having a relationship with her. I want the girl to spy on Justin and if she found out anything about the servatrix she should tell it to us immediately. Use any kind of threat to make her agree with our plans."

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