Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 15)

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"I have told you before what the servatrix looks like when I saw him on my dream," I said for the hundredth time. "He has brown eyes, fair complexion and curly black hair. He has a small round - shaped face and -"

Zed waved his hand impatiently. "That is not what I wanted to know."

"Then what?"

"Are you sure that he is the servatrix?"

"Of course!" I exclaimed. "In my dream, HE was the only person whose face is not blurred except Ethan. We all know that Ethan, the servatrix and I shared the same dream that night. Ethan and I were there to have the chance to see what the servatrix really looks like so Ethan can't be the servatrix."

"Only the guy with brown eyes and Ethan?" he asked hesitantly. "No other human... perhaps a female human?"

I stared at him blankly for a moment and then tried to remember what really happened in my dream.

In my dream, all the women were wearing glamorous dresses and most of the men, including me, were wearing black coats and glittered mask. Men and women surrounded me whose faces were indistinguishable. I thought I could never break free from the crowd but when I saw the half - opened wooden door, I sighed in relief.

Once outside, I started hunting for the servatrix. There were still too many faceless people outside the white mansion so I got I little frustrated when after almost five minutes I still did not find the servatrix.

I was near the terrace when I saw Ethan dancing with a girl. Ethan was not wearing a mask unlike me, and I had to say, Ethan looked good in black tuxedo. The girl whom he was dancing with was wearing a fuchsia pink, off - shoulder gown with laces at the hem of her skirt. I looked around them, and there, standing a few meters away from the back of Ethan, was a man whose face was distinguishable compared to the others.

At last, I found the servatrix.

I memorized his features before turning back at Ethan who was still dancing with the girl. I moved a little closer to Ethan and the girl. I do not know why but when the girl looked up, I looked up too. It was full moon, and it appeared ten times bigger than its usual size. The moon seemed so close to us.

I looked back at the girl and... and... damn! I pushed the memories out of my head and looked directly into my father's green eyes. He must have sensed the sudden change of the look on my face because he narrowed his gaze on me.

"Well, did you see a girl?" he pried.

Yes. I saw a girl in my dream and she was dancing with Ethan in my dream. She had brown eyes and long black hair with thick curls. She was tall and slender.

She was Ely. Now I know why Ely looked so familiar! But what was she doing in that place? Why was her face not blurred like the others? Shit, her face was even clearer compared to the face of the man I saw standing from the back of Ethan!

Does that mean that Ely was the REAL servatrix?

"Kira, tell me!" Zed shouted as he ran out of patience. "Did you see a girl or not?"

"Yes," I answered. There was no point in lying. "Why?"

"Ashtar overheard a girl saying something about a dream." He sat at the edge of my bed and stared at floor. "The girl said something about full moon, masked men and blurred faces. I know that it could just be a coincidence... but I had to be sure."

"What do you have in mind?" I sat down on my bed too because my legs were starting to tremble.

"You said you saw a girl too... there is a possibility that she is the servatrix and not the other man you saw." He shifted his gaze and looked at my plasma TV instead. "We have to keep tabs on that girl too..."

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