Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 17)

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I cannot believe it.

My father interrupted us just to say that the angels will perform the ritual. The ritual where the servatrix's soul will be purified. He just said that he wanted me to be there when they perform the ritual and then left my room! Heaven help me... he interrupted Analee and me just because of that!

Well, I was still lucky because he did not say anything about Analee. He did not ask me why Analee was in my room and why I was still seeing her though he had already told me to get rid of her. I was really lucky because I do not know how I could defend Analee from my father.

When my father left, I started looking for Analee again but she was nowhere to find. No one saw her, not even Lachlan. Well hell, where could she possibly be? I did not say 'no' so she could not just leave me...

At around eight o'clock, I gave up. I stopped looking for her and went back to my room. I threw myself on my bed, not even bothering to take a cold bath and change my clothes. My head was throbbing and my eyes were sore and it was all because of lack of sleep and too much stress.

Now I know what it feels like to have insomnia.

Morning came... and I was still wide-awake. All night I planned about the things that I should do to keep the servatrix alive, kill my father with the help of the frontterra, and make Analee mine without putting her life in danger. And today, the first thing I had to do was meet Lachlan. Today we will have our sword practice. If I had to plunge my sword into his chest just to see if he could really heal his self and rip off his front shirt to see if he had the insignia, then I will do them.

Today, finding the frontterra is priority.


"You don't want us to put on body armor?"

"Yes." I closed the door of the training room where swords, axes of different sizes and many other weapons were stacked.

Lachlan assessed my facial expression and then nodded. "Why did you suddenly decide to have a sword practice with me?"

"The angels have already found the servatrix," I conjured my sword and Lachlan did the same thing. "The archdemon is planning an attack to the angels' lair so I want all the fighting demons to be ready. I just want to warm you up."

He smirked. "I thought you are just looking for an excuse to cause me pain."

I arched an eyebrow. "Believe me Lachlan; if I want to kill you I'll do it without using any excuses."

He smirked again. "After me, who are you going to train next? Ashtar?"

"No," I answered, carefully lifting my sword. "I might end up killing him. I do not want to disappoint my beloved father by killing the bastard."

He raised his sword too. "If you are really training the demons so that they'll be ready for the fight, then why not train Analee?"

"Analee is not one of the fighting demons here. Zena is the only FEMALE fighting demon here." As if, I would let Analee to be part of that plan! Analee was too fragile... too weak to be in a battle. Besides, I do not think Analee was willing to kill angels. I think Analee will be one of the few demons who will turn back into an angel when the servatrix, with the help of the angels, successfully performed the ritual.

We both bowed our head. "But I think Analee is more powerful than Zena."

I charged forward and he ducked, missing my sword a few inches from his head. "Zena is beyond excellent in sword fighting and she was powerful enough to beat two angels at the same time."

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