Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 13)

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When I got home, I went right away to my bed and for the first time since Analee arrived here in the castle, I fell asleep soundly. I dreamed about her and it was the best dream. We were in the beach resort where we had our date and there we spent the whole night stargazing. We laughed and talked about what we will do when we turned back into an angel. It was so peaceful there. No demons... no ZED.

I hope it was not just a dream... I wanted to turn back the time when Analee and I dated. I wish I did not say those terrible things to her.

I woke up at around seven and took a cold bath. I was about to pick up my shirt when my phone suddenly rung. I picked it up and pressed the green button without even bothering to look who was calling me. Athrun and Zena were the only people who knew my number so why bother?



It was a girl's voice but the voice did not belong to Zena. "Yes. Who is this?"

"It's Ely!" she screamed and she sounded so excited.

"Ely! Why did you call?" I hope this was not about Zena. I just talked to Zena the other day and listened to her complaints about Ely! I do not think I could stand Ely's complaints about Zena... not now.

"Can we meet?"

"Sure. Where?" I answered automatically.

"At the greenhouse."

"We can't talk there... Ethan will be there."

"Don't worry about that... I have a plan. Can you meet me there this afternoon? Around three?"


"Thank you! Bye!"

I threw my phone on my bed and dressed up. There was something about Ely that bothered me and I just cannot figure it out. She looked so familiar but I cannot remember where I saw her.

After eating breakfast, I went to Lachlan's room and told him that I wanted to have a sword practice with him tomorrow afternoon and he agreed with a mischievous smile on his face. I smiled at him too... I smiled in a you - will - regret - it way because tomorrow, during our sword practice, I will ask him not to wear armored shirt so that I could easily slash his front shirt.

I wanted to see if he had the insignia on his chest or not. If he had the insignia then there was no doubt that he was the frontterra.

I was about to leave when I heard someone calling Lachlan's name. I glanced behind Lachlan and saw Analee walking slowly toward him. She was wearing a big black shirt that reached her knees. Her hair was a mess and she was soaking her eyes while walking.

What the hell?!

When Analee saw me standing outside Lachlan's room, she bowed her head. "Good morning your highness..."

"Goo - I - Ana - what -" Damn! I do know what to say!

She looked up at Lachlan and said, "I'm hungry... let's eat..."

Lachlan laughed and poked her on the forehead playfully. "Comb your hair first and get dressed."

"Ok... ok..." she muttered under her breath and walked toward me.

I could feel my heart beating on my throat... making it almost impossible to speak. I expected her to stop in front of me to say something but she did not. She ignored me. She did not even look at me as she walked past me!

When Analee was gone, I looked back at Lachlan. "What the hell is she doing in your room?"

"She slept here..." Lachlan said with an amused expression on his face.

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