Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 25)

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"Let's talk."

"About what?"

Ethan leaned on the wall across me and looked fixedly on Analee. "Athrun said she's your girlfriend."

I sat on the bed beside Analee and gently caressed her cheeks. "She is."

"You love her," he said gently. "Then how about Ely?"

"I love Ely... as a friend." I gently kissed Analee's cheek, hoping it would wake her up. "Ely is a very nice person. From the start, I know that she loves you. She is just too stubborn to accept the truth that she already loves you."

"Then why do you have to make things complicated for us?" he asked in a challenging tone. "Why did you tell her that you are the one whom she danced with in her dream? Aren't you planning to take Ely away from me just like what you did to Carole?"

"Let me clear this, Ethan." I stood up and faced him. "I did not steal Carole from you."

"Liar!" he hissed. "You lured her! You made her fall in love with you and then you commanded her to kill the servatrix so that you will not die!"

"I did not."

"Damn you!"

"Carole never loved you." He opened his mouth to say something but I held my hand up to silence him. "Carole was in love with me that time and not with you. When I found out that you love her, I told her to love you instead. I pushed her away because of you... because you are my friend."

He laughed and then looked at me mockingly. "Do you really think I would believe you?"

"When my mother died, you never left my side. You and Zena were the only ones whom I considered was my family that time." I sighed and looked straight into his eyes. "I know it was stupid to force Carole to make you believe that she loves you. I am sorry. And this I swear to you. I never forced Carole to kill the servatrix. She did it on her own accord because she thought that I will die if the servatrix perform the ritual."

He looked away from me and muttered curses in different languages.

I smiled. I wonder what Ely would do if she was here. I was sure she'd poke him in the head and call Ethan a bastard. Ethan had better watch his mouth when he became an angel again.

"I think you should go back to Ely." I smiled evilly. "Or do you want me to go there and comfort her?"

He glanced at me and then at Analee. "Go ahead and comfort her. I wonder what Analee would do if she found out that you left her alone in her bed just to comfort ELY."

Well hell! For sure, she will beat the crap out of me!

Ethan went out of my room and before closing the door he said, "I hope this time, the two of us could have a happy ending."

"You'll have a happy ending..." I looked down at Analee. "As for us... I really don't know."

The door opened again, and this time it was Athrun.

"I saw Ethan leaving this room with a big smile on his face. Are the two of you okay now? is everything cleared now?"

"Yeah... I think so."

He sat on one of the sofas there and put his feet on top of the table. I waited for him to say something but he only stared at me and said nothing. He was looking at me in a way as if it was the first time he saw my face.

What now?

Instead of asking him what he wanted from me, I took a comb and gently combed Analee's hair. Her hair was so soft, and silky... the kind of hair a girl would die for. I studied her body closely and saw more tiny bruises on her neck and arms.

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