Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 8)

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I knelt beside Analee and gently lifted her head. Damn, she was as cold as ice! I removed the strands of her hair away from her face and held my breath when I saw her face. There were purple marks on her left cheek, forehead and right jaw. There was also blood flowing from the right corner of her mouth!

But how could this possibly be? Analee was the first one who finished fighting with her opponent. I was sure that the red - haired demon never got the chance to hit Analee so why did Analee look so beaten?

"Analee... Analee... open your eyes..." I said soothingly.

She moaned in pain when she tilted her face to look at me. She half opened her eyes and held my left hand that was holding her right cheek. "Are you alright, Kira? Are you hurt? What happened?"

She was the one who was in pain and lying on the ground so I should be the one asking those things! After all the bad things that I said and did to her, she was still concerned about me? When will she stop worrying about me?

Will she ever stop loving me?

"Sssshhh... I'm okay..." Carefully, I lifted her up and clenched my teeth when I saw more marks on her neck and arms. "I'll take you to your room..."

I looked around to check if there were more demons but all I could see were the bodies of the five demons that were starting to turn into ashes. I looked at Lachlan and told him to pick up Analee's sword and bring it to her room.

"Why don't you just heal her?" Lachlan asked as he picked up Analee's sword. "You could heal her, right?"

"I have healing power, but I can't heal her now." I started walking and Lachlan followed my trail. "I don't have enough energy to do that."

I lost a big amount of energy when I used my sword, the Sword of Courage. Unlike the sword of other demons, my sword needed a large amount of energy so that if it touched the flesh of my opponent, he or she would die immediately. Many demons had tried to steal my sword but no one succeeded. They all died. The sword chose me as its new master so no one can touch it except me. Those who tried to touch my sword caught up on fire.

It was my powerful sword and implausible skills, which made me a very dangerous enemy.

"Why don't you heal her?" I asked Lachlan. He was the frontterra. He was more powerful than I was.

"I tried to heal her wounds earlier but I don't have enough energy to do that," he explained.

I stopped on my tracks and turned around to look at him. Did he just say the word 'earlier'? He tried to heal Analee's wounds earlier? "What do you mean by 'you tried to heal her wounds earlier'?"

He frowned. "When I saw her in the castle she already has those purple marks. I tried to stop her when she said that she wants to come with me here but she said that she still has energy left to fight."

"Who did this to her then?" If it was Ashtar who did this to her I'll make sure he'll pay. I will make sure of that.

Lachlan gulped and looked away from me. His face turned as pale as rock and gripped the handle of Analee's sword forcefully. "She told me not to say it to you."

"Was it Ashtar?" I asked slowly. I expected him to nod his head but he did not, instead he shook his head bit by bit. "Then who did this to her?"

Ashtar was the only demon who I knew had grudge against Analee. How about the angles? Maybe the angels did this to her!

"Did the angels did this to her?" I asked but this time I said it impatiently.

He shook his head again.

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