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Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 18)

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Kira found out that Analee is the real frontterra and she promised to Analee that he will give his answer tomorrow...

.... and now.... this is Kira's answer...



Should I tell her the truth? Should I tell her that I already knew that she was the frontterra? How could I convince her to help me kill my father?

'She'll help you because she loves you,' the voice inside my head said. 'She'll do anything for you.'

But should I tell her first that I love her and then tell her that I already know that she was the frontterra or should I say first that I know that she was the frontterra and then tell her that I love her? No, scratch that. The real question is this: Would she believe in me if I told her that I love her?

She might think that I just said that I love her because I want to use her. Now I had another question in mind! Should I ask her to kill my father or just ignore my father? But damn, I want revenge! He killed my mother so I wanted him dead!

Maybe there were ways to prove Analee that I love her not because I needed her but because... I do not know... I just love her.

Now that everything was planned, I think I should start executing them. And the first thing in my list is King Gavin. I had to convince him to cooperate on my plan.

Damn, I must succeed!

After taking a quick bath, I went to the angel's lair. I went inside the castle and found King Gavin inside the library. There were almost fifty tall shelves arranged in two columns inside. The curtains were flung open so that it will not be a bit dim inside the room. I saw King Gavin standing in front of a tall shelf and leafing through the pages of one of the books there.

"What brought you here?" he asked as he close the book and put it back on the shelf.

"We need to talk..."

"About what?" he turned around to face me, his almond - shaped eyes boring in on me. "About the servatrix?"

"No... about Ethan..."


I had been leaning on the maple tree behind me while watching Ethan and Ely for what feels like forever. I had to talk to Ethan... alone. I had been waiting for him to stand up and leave Ely so that we could talk but it seems like Ethan had no intension of leaving Ely's side.

I waited because I wanted to give them time to talk but I think I had waited long enough. I had to talk to him now and then after that I'll go meet Analee near the lake. Analee had waited long enough too. I had to give her my answer this afternoon and then hide her to a safe place. a place where my father could never find her.

"Why would she say that to you?" I said, and then finally materialized in front of them. Ethan wanted to hear Ely say that she loves him too but for some reason Ely doesn't want to say it. "I am the one whom she loves."

Ethan hastily stood up. "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!"

"I will stay here with Ely."

"Go away," Ely said curtly.

"Why?" I asked with a distressed tone. What did I do wrong?

She stood up too and glared at me with complete disgust. "I know the truth. You lied to me. You are not the guy whom I danced with in my dream. And you perfectly know who the real one is."

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