Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 1)

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_____ this is the time when Ethan, Athrun and Justin arrived at the castle _______

Nothing had changed. The castle was still the same. The garden was still the same. The angels living here in the castle were still the same - except for Ethan of course. Ethan has changed - a lot. He was no longer the angel who was always smiling but a demon who rarely smiles and always preferred to be alone.

It was my fault. I was the reason why he ended up like that. Instead of saving him, I ended up ruining his life.

As I approached the maple tree where Ethan, Justin, Athrun and I used to play when we were young, I noticed a girl standing on top of it and watching the sunset.

That was weird. She was a girl. She was not supposed to be up there.

When i reached the bottom of the tree, I looked up at her and shouted, "Hey, be careful!"

She looked down at me warily. "What do you - aaaaaarrrggghhh!"

Her eyes widened in shock. What was wrong? She looked afraid. What did she see? Surely, she cannot see my horns! "What's wrong?"

"There is a maggot! A maggot!" she screamed hysterically.

A maggot? That was what made her panicky? "Don't step back! Be careful! No!"

She did not listen to me. She stepped back and lost her footing. She screamed to the top of her voice and closed her eyes. Great. Now I had to use some of my stored energy so that my skin will not hurt when her skin touches mine. What a waste of energy!

I moved closer to the tree and held out my hands to catch her. She did not open her eyes immediately. Maybe she was still waiting for her to hit something hard. When she opened her eyes, I was amazed to see a pair of very beautiful brown eyes staring back at me.

"Are you alright?" I asked softly.

"Yes... um... will you... um... put me down?" she asked, and removed strands of curly black hair away from her face.

As requested, I put her down but still held her arms to support her in case she fainted.

"Thank you," she said, sounding relieved.

She was so tall... I think she stand 5'7" in hieght.

I let her go when my hand holding her right arm felt a pang of pain. Touching a human with a good heart for more than a minute could kill me. Humans with good heart can suck away all our energy without them noticing it. Damn it! I lost all my power just by holding this human for only a few seconds! She must have had a pure heart.

"Where is the maggot?" she asked anxiously.

Her question startled me. "The maggot?"

"Yes, the maggot!" She turned her back on me and said, "If you see the maggot please exterminate it right away."

I examined her back. "There is no maggot."

She turned around to face me. "Sure?"


She looked up and stared directly into my green eyes. "Super?"

"Super what?" I asked as I combed my bronze layered hair.

"Super sure?"

I chuckled. She sure was a weird one. "Super sure." I looked up at the tree to see if the maggot was still there and it was. It was crawling as if nothing had happened. "It was still up there."

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