Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 23)

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"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Relax, Kira." Zena pleaded. She pushed me back to the ground and touched my wounds. "Stop moving! I can't heal your wounds properly!"

"Why didn't you tell me?" I repeated.

"I told you... Analee made us promise not to tell you the truth," Athrun answered. "We can't break our promise."

Damn these people and their stupid promises!

"But why would Analee do that?" I cannot understand. She should have told me that she was going to die. Why would she keep something as important as this?

"We don't know," Athrun said. "We asked her but she did not answer."

When Zena was done healing my wounds, she stood up and faced the demons surrounding us. "I am now the new Archdemon. If anyone objects, step forward and prepare to die." When no one did, she continued. "Now, I command you all to search the WHOLE world... bring me the servatrix and Analee. ALIVE."

The demons knelt, bowed their head, and in unison they said, "Aye!".

She then faced us and said, "Don't worry. I do not intend to kill the servatrix. I just said that so that they will not think that I am on your side now." She knelt in front of me and poked my head. "As for Analee..."

"Just find her." I stood up and looked at King Gavin. "Is there no other way to save Analee... and my sister?"

He smiled knowingly. "There is always a way. Follow me to the angels' castle and I will explain everything to you."

The three of them left, leaving Zena and me alone.

"Is he saying the truth?" Zena asked. Her hands were trembling in eagerness and her eyes were glistening with hope.

"Angels don't lie." For the first time, I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. "You'll be saved, I promise."

"Thank you, brother." She wrapped her arms around me and started crying. "Thank you for not hating me."

"Why would I hate my little sister?" I teased.

"I am the reason why our mother died." She buried her face on my chest. "She died because of giving birth to me."

"It wasn't your fault." She died because of my father's greed in power. She used our mother... she used Zena.

Pushing herself away from me she said, "I think you should go."


We should not waste any time. Analee was I danger... she was in pain too. We had to find her immediately.

But something was bothering me. King Gavin said there was a way to save her. Why would Analee choose to leave if there was a way to save her?


On my way back to the great hall, I met Quincy. Her reaction when she saw me was a bit... confusing. She just bowed her head and then continued in sweeping the floor. She did not gasp or anything!

Was that the right thing to do when you saw a demon? A demon that saved you from death?

"How are you?" I asked.

She ignored me and just continued in sweeping the floor. I cleared my throat and she looked up. Her face was a perfect picture of innocence.

"Is there anything I can do for you, your highness?" she asked lightly.

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