Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 5)

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"Relax, Kira," I muttered to myself. "This is not a date so relax."

"You look like a human who just found out that he is going to die after ten seconds," the demon behind me whispered.

"I am doing my best here to relax so shut up!"

"It is just a date!"

"It isn't!" I objected.

"If you say so..."

"Just - shut up!"

Lachlan snickered. "Why are you so nervous?"

Yeah, why the hell was I so nervous? All I had to do was be with her for at least an hour and then disappear and let Lachlan do his job. Maybe I was not nervous at all... maybe I was... afraid? I was afraid?

No, damn it! All the demons bow before me! The demons were afraid of me because they know the terrible things that I could do to them! They feared me! No one... nothing... can frighten me.

"Is there something wrong?" Lachlan asked in alarm.

It was only then that I realized that my hands were clenched tightly and that my jaw was firmly set. "Let's go and meet her."

Lachlan nodded and followed my lead.

Athrun was a genius. Using Lachlan was a brilliant idea though when I went to Lachlan's room yesterday, I thought that Athrun's plan would not work.

"You want... my help?" Lachlan asked in disbelief when I went to his room yesterday to talk to him and explain everything.

No... not everything. I do not want to sound so desperate for his help.

I nodded and he narrowed his gaze on me. "What kind of help?"

"You love her, right?" I asked, trying to make things clear first. I had to be sure that he really loves her. If he will say yes then for sure he will cooperate with me. If he will say no...

I really do not know what to do if he said no. Athrun said that if the plan with Lachlan did not work then there was only one thing left that I could do.

Give up.

Lachlan looked a bit puzzled by my question. "Who?"

"You know who she is."

He smirked. "Yes."

That time I was the one who was a bit puzzled. "Yes you know her or yes you love her?"

"Yes, I love Analee."

Thank you, Lord God! Thank you! I was lucky Satan was not around because if he heard me thanking God instead of him he will be very very very disappointed.

"Well then let's make a deal..." I offered.

His brows furrowed. "What kind of deal?"

"I'll help you to make Analee fall in love with you so that I can get rid of her. All you have to do is cooperate with me..."

Lachlan burst into laughter. "Are - are you that - that desperate to get rid of her? Kira, THE GREAT KIRA, cannot get rid of Analee without the help of others. You have killed lots of demons ruthlessly before so why do you look so afraid of Analee?"

I could have killed Lachlan at that very moment but I know I needed him so I used all my strength just to refrain myself from burning him alive. Maybe I'll just kill him when I got rid of Analee...

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