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Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 22)

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my exams are over!

now here's chap 22!





"Need help?" Lachlan materialized on my left wearing his armor. "Should I cut your arms and feet?"


"Just get me out of this shit!" I demanded.

I do not care if he had to cut my arms and feet so that I could be free! I cannot just lie here and listen as the people I love fight for me!

For the past twenty minutes, three auras had vanished. The auras of the three zoa - demons, Arvin, Franz and Jerick, were gone. Now the question was... who was fighting who? I hope someone was helping Analee.

I hope my father just drop dead there.

Lachlan picked up his sword and used it to cut the damn chains. "I told you to protect Analee."

"I protected her!" I hissed.

"SHE is protecting YOU."

"If you have nothing good to say, just shut up."

"Can you walk?" he asked rhetorically.

My feet felt so numb. Damn it! I cannot even stand! How could I possibly help them in this condition? "Help me to stand up... bring me to the battle arena."

"You can't fight in that condition," he said unsympathetically. "You'll just die there. Just wait here and we'll come back for you when the fight is over."

"Fine!" Though it was excruciatingly painful, I stood up and forced myself to step forward. "If you don't want to help me, I'll just go there on my own. You could just sit here and wait till I can come back to kill you."

He sighed heavily and grasped my left arm. "Pigheaded..."


He rolled his eyes. "Hold on tight."


Both Lachlan and I gasped in fear when we arrived there.

Justin and Athrun were both soaked in blood and in front of them was King Gavin who menacingly pointed the tip of his sword at my father. But it wasn't that scene that scared us to death. What scared us was the scene where Zena stabbed Analee... in the stomach.

When Zena removed her sword, Analee dropped on the ground and started coughing blood. She smiled when she saw me and gently whispered my name.


"ANALEE!" I screamed and glared at Zena. I wanted to push her away from Analee but my feet would not move. "I THOUGHT YOU CARE FOR ME JUST LIKE MY MOTHER BUT I WAS WRONG! YOU ARE JUST LIKE OUR FATHER, ZENA! HEARTLESS, SELFISH AND PATHETIC!"

Zena went into spasm. She moved away from Analee's body and stared on the ground. "You are my brother... I care for you..."

"LIAR!" I screeched.

Luckily, Lachlan helped me to walk toward Analee. Both of us knelt beside her and kept on calling her name but she would not open her eyes. If it were not for the fact that she was still breathing, I would think that she was already dead because she felt so cold.

"Kill them, Zena!" Father ordered. "Kill them now!"

I looked up at Zena. She tightened her grip on her sword but remained on her position. Her black hair blocked my view on her face so it was impossible to tell what she was thinking... I cannot tell what she was planning to do.

When Zena glanced at our direction, Lachlan stood up and said, "I will never let you kill Analee."

I cradled Analee closer to me and looked up at Zena. "Please, Zena. Do not kill us. You do not have to listen to him. We could help you."

"I am the only one who could save you, Zena!" Zed growled. "I could save you from death!"

"I don't want to die..." Zena whispered.

Zed smiled. "Then kill Analee and Kira."

Tears rolled down her face... and then she smiled. "But I'd rather die than kill my brother who loved me unreservedly."

After saying that, she run toward my father and stabbed him in the heart. It happened too fast that even my father did not get the chance to defend his self. Zena clutched Zed's neck and I could see my father's dark aura slowly leaving his body and entering Zena's.

She was sucking my father's life energy so that he will not be able to heal his self.

"I'm y - your f - f - fatherrrr," he croaked.

"You have never been a real father to me... never..." she said through clenched teeth.

When all my father's energy was gone, Zena freed him and removed her sword from his heart. Zed fell lifelessly on the ground and then after a few seconds, he turned into ashes.

He was gone. Dead. No more threat.

"AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!" Analee started screaming and writhing in pain.

"What's happening to you? Analee, open up your eyes!" I gently slap her cheek but her eyes remained close. "Are you hurt? Why are you so cold?"

"K-k-k-ir-r-ra!" She bit her lower lip and clawed her skin. "I l-l-lov-ve y-y-youuuu! K - k - kirrrraaaaa!"

Damn it! What was wrong with her?

Zena took Analee away from me and walked away. "You'll die too if you'll continue holding her, Kira."

"Where are you going? Bring her back to me! And why the hell am I going to die?" I tried to stand up but Athrun pushed me down and shook his head. "What the hell is happening here?"

Zena put Analee down near a tree and looked at me. "You don't know?"

"I don't know anything!"

Aaaargh! Why do I have the feeling that something terrible was going to happen to Analee? Damn it! If something wrong was going to happen to Analee, I had to know it! I wanted to help too!

"Why didn't you tell it to Kira?" Zena asked Athrun.

"She made us promise that we won't tell it to him," he explained.

Zena glanced at me and then sighed. The way Zena look at me made my heart skip a beat. "Eight days after the frontterra's 50th... they die."



I looked at Analee's direction. Her wound was healed but she was still unconscious. She looked so pale... so weak. Why did she have to die? Why did she have to suffer? She had done nothing but goodness.

She was the only person who loved me unconditionally. She was my life... my everything. Why was it always her?

"But - why?" I leaned on Athrun's chest and allowed Zena to heal my wounds. "It doesn't make any sense."

After healing my wounds, Zena stood up and looked up in the sky. "It was a curse... Devaughn's curse."

After all we have been through Analee will just die because of a stupid curse? And what in the name of shit - hell was Devaughn's curse? I looked back at Analee's direction but she was not there any more.

"Where is Analee?" I shouted, and everyone looked at the spot where we last saw Analee. "Is she... is she..."

"She's not yet dead," Zena answered. "I think she left so that you won't see her suffer."


Analee! Come back to me!

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