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Baby Daddy ✨☕️👶🏽 by hbkswagger
Baby Daddy ✨☕️👶🏽by Tiny 🌻
Essence Carter wants a baby she's a 26 year old with a boyfriend she's been dating for 7 years . He doesn't want any children because he says they will ruin his career a...
Captain of Squad 9 by Bluejay12349
Captain of Squad 9by Jay
Ichigo Kurosaki. Substitute soulreaper, quincy, ex-fullbringer, vizard, human who used hell's powers, war hero. Take your pick. After regaining his powers and defeating...
Bleach - The Final Stand by Rotin7
Bleach - The Final Standby Rotin
What if Ichigo hadn't learned how to use the Final Getsuga Tensho in the Dangai, but instead learned something far more powerful, his true zanpaktou? Bleach is owned by...
Quincy prince in another world (High school DxD x Bleach) by TWiStEdMEmES71989
Quincy prince in another world (Hi...by King Chadwick LXIX
Llewellyn Kurosaki, adopted brother of Ichigo and son of the Quincy king, Yhwach. is sent to the world of High school DxD after the gruelling final battle against his da...
Come Here // Quincy Brown by virgincolee
Come Here // Quincy Brownby virgincolee
"Please don't upset me, come here"
The assassins of the Factions by ghyguh
The assassins of the Factionsby María Iscar
Follow the adventures from Y/N and his group as they fight the Factions and he tries to uncover his past, but will he open his eyes too soon and destroy everyone, even h...
TESSA | AMARA sequel  by urbantrendsetters
TESSA | AMARA sequel by anonymous
Comfort Zone by _Brxndy_
Comfort Zoneby Brandy
Joshua Moretti is a single father. He never pictured himself dating again, wanting to focus on bettering himself and being the best father for his son, but then he met A...
AMARA {COMPLETED} by urbantrendsetters
AMARA {COMPLETED}by anonymous
"How the fuck can an entire family go missing?!" "I don't know... I don't have the information that you need," I said causing him to sigh. A family o...
Unexpected by badbitchblues
Unexpectedby badbitchblues
One night in summer leaves Normani with a challenging life decision, a decision that decides the life of another human being. As Normani and her friends try to navigate...
Soul Of the Heart (Male Reader x MLP EG and Bleach Harem) by Math4523
Soul Of the Heart (Male Reader x M...by Math4523
You are (Y/N) Kurosaki (yes, you are taking the role of Ichigo in this story), and well you are just a normal 16 year old high school adolescent living in Karakura Town...
Black Boy Joy Imagines by asapxzoey
Black Boy Joy Imaginesby VLONE
Our melanin men imagines, The smut and the fluff Mature content
Izuku Vasto Lorde by TheMidnighttWriter
Izuku Vasto Lordeby Escritor-san
IRA esa es el origen de todo lo que soy
Sugar Daddy| H.S. by dedeluv
Sugar Daddy| H.S.by dedeluv
He was a generous man, too generous in fact, maybe due to the fact that he was lonely. When he saw her, nose red, tightly wrapped in a winter jacket with the smallest of...
The Real Ichigo by AzureSorceress
The Real Ichigoby AzureSorceress
Ichigo is depressed being left alone after fighting Aizen, but not because he lost his powers... However Ichigo discoveres something that will change his Life forever! M...
Wrong Number by tweetdior
Wrong Numberby Jew’well Imani💘
" some random number texted me... i think im bein catfished forreal now."
A Dalex Forever  by creativeone_
A Dalex Forever by Mo 🧚‍♀️
6 years have past and Dalex is Back! Derek is a successful businessman and Alex is a household name. A lot of success come with Big Problems. New additions and Major lo...
Sparkle and Shine ➮Star  by BambiiGalaxy
Sparkle and Shine ➮Star by - nuket0wn
[ s e a s o n 1 ] HIGHEST RANKING #1in staronfox #5 in stardavis #2 in sparkle #6 in quincybrown Sparkle or Winter has got one of most beautiful voices and she has th...
Wild Thoughts 2 (Revised) by __Marya
Wild Thoughts 2 (Revised)by Marya
Sequel to Wild Thoughts duh.... (This is the revised version, so if you think you're ready for a wild ride please read this book and not my older version) Things are dif...