Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 4)

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That threat kept on bugging me. I cannot keep her off my mind these past few days. Every time I close my eyes, I always see her radiant face. Damn, I had to do something. I cannot allow that smart - ass demon's words to affect me.

I can't love her... I just can't.

If only I could kill her...

No, I cannot kill her. I kill only 'bad' demons... though I have killed an angel before. Well hell, he was an angel who was trying to kill a helpless girl just to turn himself into a demon. It was not my intention to kill him though, but I never thought that a simple blow on the chest could take away his life.

So what now?

Damn! I could easily make plans on how to kill demons so why the hell can't I even think of a simple way on how to get rid of the blonde demon! She was just a girl! A girl! A girl who cannot do anything but wind somebody up me!

I wish I knew many things about women... like what pleases them and what pisses them off. Urgh! I was a certified idiot when it comes to women! Women were so hard to... to understand. I remembered the time when Athrun - yes, Athrun! Athrun was the answer to my problems!

Athrun almost knew everything about women! He could help me! I just hope Athrun's knowledge about women was enough to keep Analee away from me.

When I sat up on my bed, I saw Analee standing near the mirror, which was just across me. Her hair was ponytailed and she was wearing a white bubble dress. She was grinning at me widely, showing her perfectly white teeth.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" I gasped.

"I'm just visiting you..." she mused, bathing her long eyelashes. "Aren't you happy to see me?"

"Oh, I'm so happy I could kiss you," I said sarcastically.

She blushed and looked sideways, avoiding my gaze.

"Stop appearing inside my room!" I ordered. "I thought this is the safest for me. I need some privacy!"

She pouted her lips.

"I mean it!"

She held up her hand. "Okay... okay... relax!"

"Now leave this place." I stood up and combed my hair using my hand. "I'm going somewhere and I don't want you to follow me."

"Can't I just go with you?" she begged.


"I won't follow you in one condition..."

I arched my brow questioningly.

"Let's have a date tomorrow!" she said enthusiastically. "If you'll promise me that you'll go out with me tomorrow then I promise I won't follow you - for today."

"No." Now she was asking for a date! God please help me.

"Then I'll follow you."

We glared at each other for what seemed like hours. She won't take a 'no' for an answer. She won't give up! She was determined to have a date with me!

Oh crap! "Fine!"

She clapped her hands and jumped enthusiastically. "Hoooraaaay!!!!"

I cannot help but smile at her. She was... amazing.


"Tell me something about women."

Athrun's jaw dropped in astonishment.

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