Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 19)

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"Where are we going?"

"It's a secret."

"That's unfair!" she whined. "After admitting to me that you love me, you brought me here and ordered me to pack my things without a single explanation! We should be having a dinner date by now!"

"Just, pack your things Analee..."

Analee dropped the lotions she was holding and turned around to look at me. "Did you just say my name?"

I shrugged and fought back a smile. Now that I have told her how much I love her, I found it easier to say her name. I think the reason why I cannot say her name before was that saying her name was like admitting to her, and most especially to myself, that I really love her. Now, I was no longer afraid to admit to EVERYBODY that I love her.

She run toward me and grabbed my hands. "Say it again. I want to hear you say it again. Come on! Come on! Come on! Say it!"

I rolled my eyes and pulled her closer to me. "Analee. Analee. Analee. Analee. Analee. Analee. MY ANALEE."

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. "You don't know how long I have waited just to hear you say my name. You called me 'my Analee'... is that our term of endearment? Should I call you 'my Kira'? Or do you want me to call you, 'honey'? What do you think?"

"Just call me 'Kira'. I just called you 'my Analee' because I want you to know that you are only mine... I don't share." Wrapping my arms around her waist, I lifted her up and held her closer to me. "So you better stay away from Lachlan and stop wearing sexy dresses because I hate it when men look at you like you are something to eat."

"Don't you like my dresses?" she purred, flashing her eyelashes at me and giving me a sexy smile.

I laughed and kissed her rosy cheeks. "I like them... no... I love them... but wear them only when you are with me."

She snuggled closer to me and leaned her head on my shoulder. "I just hope that we could be like this forever."

"We could be together... forever..."

"I hope so..."

The way she said the words 'I hope so' made me feel like she was saying goodbye or something. When I told her that we have lots of time her answer was, 'I do not have enough time', and that made me think that she was going to leave me eventually. This afternoon when I asked her to never leave me, her only answer was, 'I'll try', and then kissed me before I could even ask what it means.

I put her down and looked at her face. She was crying. But why? "Why are crying?. And what do you mean by 'I hope so'?"

"I'm just happy." She wiped her tears away and continued in packing up her things. "You haven't answered my question, Kira. Where are we going?"

She did not answer my second question... and she was changing the subject. "We are going to a place where you could be safe from other demons."

And once we were there, I'll demand an explanation from her.


"This will be your room, Analee," Athrun said enthusiastically.

"Thank you, Athrun!" Analee kissed his left cheek and gave him a light hug. "You are so nice."

Athrun wiggled his brows and patted Analee's back. "I'll do anything to make you happy."

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