Dangerous Prince: The Choice (KIRA'S STORY)

Dangerous Prince: The Choice (KIRA'S STORY)

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Yna By Damonh Completed

this is the third book.

The first two books are Demon Prince: The Dream and Angel Prince: The Memories.

if you have time please read those two books too!




Based on my experiences there was only one word to describe love.


Love turned my world upside down. I admit that I don't fully understand what love is. I can't even tell if I was in love or not. I don't have any idea what love is until I met this blonde demon in front of me. She was no ordinary demon, I tell you. She was the demon with the "purest heart".

I could still remember the time when she cried when twenty-eight people died in a plane crash. And guess what she did after the plane crash. She went to the nearest church, knelt near the entrance door and prayed for the repose of the souls of the victims!

The arch demon got really pissed off when he found out what she did.

"Kira, are you listening to me?" Annalee asked with a frown on her face.

"No," I answered nonchalantly.

She pouted h...

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watson09 watson09 Aug 07, 2011
Yay! That's what I thought! Great anime and awesome story to you btw!
watson09 watson09 Aug 02, 2011
Where did you get the idea for the character names Kira & Athrun?
eahm30 eahm30 Jun 19, 2010
so very very bitin the story !
                              ampft !
                              plzs continue the story !
                              i want to know the ending !
Be_Lla06 Be_Lla06 Jun 09, 2010
ei i really love your sequel. and i so happy that you're a Filipina! haha. 
chockslam chockslam Mar 25, 2010
it's interesting...
                              i love the concept f your story
                              i'm so proud that you're a Filipina too!
Xx_Wee_Bubbles_xX Xx_Wee_Bubbles_xX Mar 20, 2010
H3y H3y x
                              I just wanted to ask if u could comtinue this cause i want to know watt he answers x
                              i love this book and i want him to get together with Annalee, they are made for each other x
                              <WeeBubblesOut><Peace> x