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A Second Chance To Live - Gundam SEED by SoldiersOfTheZodiac
A Second Chance To Live - Gundam Cinda & Susan
The wars took so much from us. Even in peacetime, life will never be the same again. Three years after the ceasefire, Athrun Zala returns to the PLANTs to visit Lacus Cl...
  • death
  • gundam
  • destiny
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Demon Prince, Angel Prince and Dangerous Prince (complete) by Damonh
Demon Prince, Angel Prince and Yna
  • religion
  • memories
  • angels
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AsuCaga Special:  Across The Universe by Xtoi33
AsuCaga Special: Across The xtoi
This is a fanfic I made for AsuCaga. The creator had died a few years ago. I'm not sure if she had a surprise planned for the AsuCaga fans but her life didn't let her...
  • gundam
  • gundamseed
  • cagalli
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Before Heliopolis: A GUNDAM SEED Fanfic by SoldiersOfTheZodiac
Before Heliopolis: A GUNDAM SEED Cinda & Susan
Athrun, Nicol, Yzak and Dearka are attending the ZAFT Training Academy to train to become elite soldiers and fight back against the earth forces, following the Junius Se...
  • seed
  • lacus
  • nicol
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GD SEED AC Đồng nhân văn by KuroHaru_741
GD SEED AC Đồng nhân vănby Huỳnh Nguyên
Đây đều là convert tự mình làm, tự tìm raw trên Tấn Giang về, chủ yếu để tự đọc về CP mà bản thân thích, ai biết có thể cùng nhau trò chuyện, còn nếu không thích cảm phi...
  • ác
  • athrun
  • seed
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Always In My Heart by MiharuKomuro
Always In My Heartby Miharu Komuro
TEASER UP A continuation of Gundam Seed Destiny.Fate is sure naughty,just when fate brought them together,fate had to bring them apart.Eternally. But what matters is the...
  • cagalliyulaathha
  • cagalli
  • asucaga
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Your Words Save Me by ITheFreedomI
Your Words Save Meby Athrun
This is my gift for your B-day Kitkat, Hope you like it.
  • athrun
  • save
  • inspirational
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Your Words, Change the World by ITheFreedomI
Your Words, Change the Worldby Athrun
By TheFreedom/Athrun
  • real
  • loss
  • world
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Exceptional Prince: The Sacrifice (Athrun's Story) by Damonh
Exceptional Prince: The Yna
  • ehtan
  • angel
  • exceptional
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Seasons by NispedanaRighder
Seasonsby Nispedana Righder
Next Gen. A story made possible because Lacus Clyne didn't end up with Athrun Zala. CXA, LXOC Shoujo and Reverse-Harem. Fandom:: Gundam Seed
  • kira
  • gundam
  • zala
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What is love? by ITheFreedomI
What is love?by Athrun
By TheFreedom/Athrun
  • sadness
  • what
  • change
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Escape by ITheFreedomI
Escapeby Athrun
By Athrun/ITheFreedomI
  • athrun
  • escape
  • inspirational
Acta Est Fabula by katnoir_
Acta Est Fabulaby Hani
Cagalli, rindu ini sudah tak terbendung. Aku menyerah untuk terus berpisah denganmu. Aku rindu suara teriakanmu yang memekakkan telinga, aku rindu gayamu yang selalu sok...
  • athrunzala
  • asucaga
  • cagalliyulaattha
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Like A Helpless Flower by ITheFreedomI
Like A Helpless Flowerby Athrun
Will you wither like a helpless flower?
  • inspiration
  • hopeful
  • hopefull
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The Boy Under The Glasses by Damonh
The Boy Under The Glassesby Yna
  • mystery
  • ely
  • teen
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White Rose - Blood Stained Innocence by Akai-Cho
White Rose - Blood Stained Akai-Cho
What happened during the 2 years gap between Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny? Kira has gone insane a month after the the battle of Yakin Due. While his friends were anxiou...
  • orb
  • blood
  • lacus
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Nine: Dead Aggressor Heaven And Earth (Part 1) [SOON] by shopaholic_queen
Nine: Dead Aggressor Heaven And Kyla Jumarito
NDAHAE Started: April 10, 2017 Finished: Written by: shopaholic_queen ------------------------------ Fafner: Dead Aggressor Heaven and Earth The year is 2148. Two years...
  • athrun
  • cagalli
  • minerva
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