Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 2)

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It was just a kiss.

Nothing but a stupid kiss.

Then why the hell was I so bothered with that... that... rubbish kiss?

I often heard humans saying, "Your first kiss is a special kiss. It is one of the many things that isn't easy to forget." Were humans right about that? Was that kiss special? Damn! I hate her! Damn her!

I had to get rid of her. She was screwing up my mind. I will not be able to execute my plans if Analee will keep on bugging me. But what should I do? Should I hide again? No. I cannot do that again.

A loud banging on the door of my room cut me off my thoughts about Analee. I grunted. It was easy to distinguish who was that demon. There was only one demon who knock on my door that way. I wonder what was wrong with that demon now.

"What do you want?" I asked as I opened the door.

"The arch demon wants to talk to you," Ashtar answered angrily. Annoyance was written in his black eyes.

The archdemon wants to talk to me again? Now I know why he was burning with anger... and jealousy. "Why?"

Ashtar smirked. "Maybe he wanted to tell you that you are a worthless son of a bitch and that he finally decided to kill you."

I smirked too. "You wish." He opened his mouth to say something again but I immediately shut the door in front of him. I heard him curse in three different languages as I went to my bed where I placed my newly washed clothes.

What was the archdemon's plan now?


"You what?" I asked, all my self - control ready to shatter.

"You heard me," he said coldly. "I assigned you as the new leader of the demons here in Phillox."

"Why me?" Damn! I did not expect this! this was not part of the plan! This could ruin everything!

Zed arched his brow. "Why you? you are the most powerful demon here. you could easily lead the army. I am sure you'll be a great leader."

"They won't follow my orders."

"Then kill the demons who will dare not to follow your orders."

"I -"

The archdemon stood up and leaned on the table. "Stop. Arguing."

"But -"

"No buts if you don't want me to kill you!" Zed roared, his eyes starting to turn black as his true form started to appear. "You will follow my instructions without complain! Don't forget that I am the archdemon here... and your father too."

Gritting my teeth and clenching my fists tightly, I nodded.

I will make sure that you will regret this, FATHER. I will make sure of it!

When I closed the door of Zed's office behind me, Analee suddenly appeared beside me. She was leaning against the wall and wearing a knee - length, navy-blue dress. Her thick blonde hair was braided in a way that made her look like the goddess of beauty.

"So you are the new leader..." she mused.

"How did you know?"

She just smiled.

"You are the new leader of the army?" someone growled behind me.

It was Ashtar - again.

"You can't be the new leader!" he shouted, his eyes blazing.

"And why not?" Analee demanded before I could even answer.

"He is not strong enough to lead the army," he said simply.

Ha! I could kill him easily! Justin, an angel, managed to put a big scar on his ugly face and cut his horn so think of the possibilities that I could do to him considering the fact that I was a hell more powerful that Justin.

Ashtar was nothing but an ugly, brainless shit. That was the reason why Zed did not choose him to be the new leader. Poor Ashtar. He wanted to be the new leader!

"And you are?" Analee sneered.

Ashtar shrugged.

Analee howled into laughter. "You've got to be kidding me! You are nothing compared to Kira! Just look at what Justin did to your -"

In a heartbeat, Analee was sent flying to the other end of the corridor. She hit the wall hard - her head hit it with a loud thud. She groaned in pain as she tried to sit up and when she cocked her head to one side blood started to flow on her face.

She was hurt. She was bleeding hard. She was groaning in pain. She will die! Damn Ashtar! He will pay for this!

I conjured up a sword when I saw Ashtar walking towards Analee. I moved swiftly towards Analee and stopped just in front her. When Ashtar did not stop walking, I pointed the sword on his throat and glared at him furiously.

"Dare to touch Analee again and I will kill you," I hissed. I sensed another demon approaching us from my right side but did not bother to look at him. I knew that aura. And I was sure he will not attack me - not after what Ashtar did to Analee.

"How sweeeeeet," he scoffed. "It never occurred to me that you are capable of LOVING someone."

"I am capable of doing worse things than LOVING," I spat back and slashed his front shirt. "Do you want some demonstrations?"

"You'll pay for this," he hissed and then vanished into thin smoke.

When I heard Analee groaning again, I turned around and knelt before her. Lachlan, the demon whom I sensed earlier was kneeling beside her and was holding Analee's head. Was this man capable of healing Analee's wound? Was he powerful enough?

I pushed Lachlan's hand away. I do not think he could heal her. When I pushed Analee's hand away too to see where the wound was, I was a bit shocked to see nothing. There was blood but no wound.

Lachlan healed her? That was strange. The only demons I knew who were powerful enough to heal other people were Zed, Ethan and I.

"Are you alright, Analee?" Lachlan asked worriedly as he wiped away the blood from Analee's cheeks.

"Yeah," she smiled at him sheepishly. "Thank you for helping me, Lachlan."

Lachlan smiled at her too. "You know I will do anything to help you." he bent his head and kissed Analee's forehead.

Great. What a perfect couple. Unable to stand as the two lovebirds talk, I stood up and started to walk away. I had only made a couple of steps away from them when I heard Analee calling my name.

"What now?" I snarled, without looking back at them.

Analee giggled. "Are you jealous Kira?"

"What?" I asked as I turned around to look at her.

She giggled again. "You don't have to be jealous, Kira. You know that you are the only person I love."

Lachlan looked at me wrathfully as she said that. Perfect! Now Lachlan was angry with me too, thanks to Analee.

"Go to hell," I muttered irately at her and walked away.

I definitely had to get rid of this demon!

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