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Emily POV

"I'm sorry that this is happening Als. I know you want your summer to be club free." I stroke her hair behind her ear, smiling gently before I press my lips to her temple.

Alison sighs, "it's fine. Always next year, right?" 

I smile, "of course."

I hear the low rumble of motorcycles and stand up from the bed, "stay here."

"Emily-" "stay. They're here."

Alison's blue eyes widen with fear as she looks towards her window. I pull the curtain back and see the 5 men step off of their bikes, Lauren following.

They walk around the house and Lauren glances up, spotting me.

She nods at me, and I nod back civilly. 


"They're here. Don't you dare leave this room," I say and kiss her hands before I throw my jacket on and run downstairs.

"Jessica stay inside, don't open the door for anyone." I grab my gun and leave the house, hiding near the chimney.

A biker walks slowly, gun up and ready as he peeks in windows.

"Come here little blondie," his voice is deep and raspy, menacing.

I smirk as I pull out my switchblade. He walks past me but I come from behind him, covering his mouth as I go back to my spot.

He struggles to get rid of my but I press the blade to his neck, "make a move and I slit your throat." 

I let my hand go and he grunts, "you won't kill me kid. You're weak. Pathetic."

I chuckle, "that's where you're wrong."

"Where's the girl."

"Not here."

He kicks backwards, hitting my leg and I grunt but tighten my grip on him, "what did I say? Make a move and I slit your throat." 

When I say "throat" I slide the blade across his neck with pressure, the blood easily slipping out, gliding down his neck and chest.

His eyes flutter before he goes limp in my arms.

I throw him into a bush and walk around the corner, my gun at the ready in my left hand, my right hand gripping the knife.

I slowly emerge in front of the garage when I get yanked back by my jacket. I go to shoot but Lauren twists my arm and snatches the gun.

"That was too easy. Your grip is weak. Plus, you should really see who it is before you shoot."

I smile sarcastically, "oh. I knew it was you."

Her eyes roll over, "yeah well, your grip sucks. I can help with that though." It's my turn to roll my eyes, "what do you want."

"Well, you see. You were walking right towards Jub over there. I was just making sure you won't get massacred." Her finger leads my gaze to a tall, burly man walking with a machine gun in his hands.

I scoff, "where the fuck did he get that?"

"I don't know Fields. Why don't you go ask him?" She smiles at me and I elbow her in the gut, "watch and learn Jauregui."

I walk away and she hisses, "Emily. Emily get back here."

I grab my knife and kick the backs of his knees, making him collapse to the ground.

He grunts and turns to me, holding the gun up but I grab the nose and shove it into his face, making him scream and his head snap back.

I rip the gun out of his grip and kick him in the face.

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