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Alison POV

"I know, you were hungry weren't you Gracey girl?" I pat her back and watch her green eyes flutter open. I admire the color for it's almost as if it's torn between blue or green.

She breast feeds for a few seconds more before Emily sits beside me with Lilian, "my Lily girl." I smile at her and let her eat.

"So how was the interview yesterday?" I ask and Emily turns to me, "what? Oh, it was great. I start Friday."

She gives me a tight-lipped smile and I can see that something is off here.


She looks at me and raises an eyebrow, "yes?"

"What are you keeping from me."

She frowns, "nothing."

I watch her face, "I can tell when you're lying, Ems. Don't try with me. What are you hiding?"

She puts grace in her high chair and I put Lily in hers, fixing my bra and shirt.

"Nothing, seriously." She walks over, hands landing on my waist. I study her features and perk an eyebrow up, "so will you tell me what the job is?"

She sighs, "Alison-" "Emily you're obviously hiding something. What is it? We're getting married, we have to trust each other and never lie." I stroke her cheek and smile weakly at her, for the way she looks at me makes my knees almost melt.

"You know you can tell me anything."

"I can't tell you this, Alison. You wouldn't appr-" "please," I whisper and she whimpers, "fuck I hate when you do that."

I pout my lip out and make my eyes wider, causing Emily to bend down, kissing my shoes, "God you make me fall at your feet. Fine. If you really want to. But don't freak out."

I grin as she stands up and nod, "promise."

Emily takes a deep breath, "right. Okay...I'maspecialagentfortheFBIandmayhavetogoundercoverorbeasecretagentdependingonwhetherorno-" "Emily! English, please." I giggle, grabbing her hand gently.

She sighs and breathes in. "Sorry. Okay. I'm a special agent for the FBI and may have to go undercover or become a secret agent depending on whether or not they need me to do so for a case."

I stare at her and start laughing but quickly realize that she isn't.

"You're serious?"

"Yes. The pay is really good, Alison. $71674-$93175 a year! And that's just for me being a newbie!"

"I don't care, Emily! I have enough stress thinking about you on a motorcycle with the club and now I gotta worry about some serial killers possibly skewering you too?! How is that fair!"

I can feel the tears coming on. I don't want them but I know that I won't be able to control them once the door opens. And once Emily kisses me, it flies open.

I start crying and she notices, for she leans her forehead against mine and wipes as many tears as she can away, "don't cry, Princess. I promise you, I'll be okay."

"Emily. I can't lose you. Especially not now. We have a family. We are buying a house together, we're planning a wedding!"

She closes her eyes, "I know. But Alison the money-" "means less to me than your life does!"

Emily smiles at me lovingly, making me frown, "what? I'm trying to have a fight here."

She chuckles, "I know. But I'm not quitting, and you know that fighting will get us absolutely nowhere. So stop fighting me."

I groan and hug her, "if you die I will resurrect you and kill you myself."

"Duly noted my love." She kisses me and hugs me again, now smiles plastered on both of our faces.

"Marry me," Emily mumbles into my hair.

I frown and chuckle, "I already said yes, Ems."

"No I mean marry me. Today."

I stare at her with wild eyes, "are you serious?"

She shrugs, "I want to be married to you. Right now. The twins' last name is Fields. You're still Alison DiLaurentis-Moore, legally. I want you to be Alison Fields. Today."

My heart races in my chest and a million things fly through my head. "But I don't even have the right dress-" "we'll go to the courthouse and speak in front of a judge. We don't need the whole extravagant's just"

Emily POV

While I explain, Alison's smile seems to grow wider and wider. She agrees.

"You're right. Hanna has been running me around to shop for dresses but none of them were right and I was just bored the whole time. That's her thing, a big wedding. I don't need the whole celebration with everyone I know being invited. I just need our family, Hanna and CeCe of course, the twins, and you." Her hand rests on my stomach as she leans up to kiss me.

I smile down at her, "so it's settled then? We're getting married?"

Alison bites her lip and giggles, "tonight."

"Let's start telling everyone then, shall we? I'll call the courthouse."


Short but it's only a filler and I'm tired!!!

So...I have an important question. I have been juggling this but I think I have made up my mind, I just want your input. Grace Fields. When she grows up, do you want her to look more like Ruby Rose, ORRRRR Kristen Stewart? ;)

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Anyways...haven't read about a small, private Emison wedding ever have ya? ;)

I want this story to be different from other Emison stories (mine included).


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