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Emily POV

I can't believe that my child...just like me. Grace is gorgeous, absolutely perfect. I hold her in my arms and smile, "I'm going to love you so much my little warrior." I kiss her soft, tiny head and think about what her future will be like.

Grace will decide whether she wants to be treated more as a son or daughter, depending on how she takes in her life around her.

She has testosterone in her system, so that might lead to male traits like the ones I have.

The doctor talks to us and we fill out the birth certificates and the other papers.

Then, the door opens and everyone comes in slowly. Hanna is slowly entering, her eyes watery, "your mom called. Can I see?" She comes over and Ali giggles, "of course. Everyone come over here."

I spot CeCe in the doorway and glance at Hanna, then Alison who looks at me.

"Emily," she says softly, giving me a look to be civil.

She hurt Hanna, though. How can I be civil? But with how beyond happy I am right now, I can't bring myself to be angry at the moment.

Sophia is staring at the twins with wide, watery eyes.

"Everyone meet Grace Emily Fields," she looks at me and I hold Grace in her purple blanket and smile at everyone.

Sophia sniffles, "she's beautiful. Look at her."

"She's intersex Sophia," I whisper and she snaps her head to look up at me. Her eyes are tearing, them dripping down her cheeks.

"She is?"

I nod with a small smile and her lips break out into a loving grin, "just like my Emily. I'm going to raise you to be just like your daddy...only better." She laughs lightly when Grace makes a light noise.

"She's stunning," Jessica comments and I say, "would you like to hold your granddaughter, Jessica?"

She smiles at me with tears in her eyes, "I would love to, Emily. Thank you." She gently caresses my cheek and I hand her Grace.

"And this one?" Aric coos at Lilian. 

Alison smiles down at the princess, "Lilian. Lilian Sophia Fields." Alison looks up at a completely stunned Sophia. She shakes her head, "no, Alison-" "Emily and I both agreed. She will have to live up to the name, though."

Sophia chokes back a sob and nods weakly, "t-thank you," she whispers and hugs me, kissing my cheek.

I rub her back, "we love you, Sophia."

"I love you two so much."

Alison smiles and whispers, "would you like to hold her?"

"Obviously," she says, making us all laugh. 

When she takes Lilian she grins, "you are just so gorgeous. No wonder my name is your middle name."

I chuckle and shake my head, watching everyone interact with mine and Alison's children.

We have children.

4 Months Later

Alison POV

"Mom I would love to watch Asher but I have to get the girls to their checkup. Emily has an interview for a job so I'm all on my own for today."

"No problem sweetie! I'm sure Sophia can handle a day without cursing every second."

"You know she still will, despite the fact that there are now children in the house."

Mom laughs through the phone, "I'll see you later honey. I love you! Give Lily and Grace kisses for me!"

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