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Alison POV

Emily hasn't talked to me all day.

"You alright?" Noel whispers during last period and I just sigh, "no. She's pissed at me."

He shrugs, "talk to her Al. She'll get over it. Just apologize. You got jealous, it's not your fault." I glance at him and groan, "I'm a bitch, aren't I."

He chuckles and shakes his head, "you're are but it's fine."

I whine and he laughs, "Al. Go. Talk to her." He nods to where Emily is sitting, writing on her paper so I look at Noel once more before I sit next to Emily, "Em."

She looks up and then back down at her paper without a word. "Emily please talk to me. I'm sorry, okay? I overreacted. I was a bitch and I'm sorry. I just don't want to lose you. Especially to someone like Pig-" "that's just it Alison. The names. The jealousy. I would never leave you. I love you remember?" 

I gulp and stare at her nervously while the bell rings. "Please," I whisper and reach for her, brushing her hair behind her ear but Emily rolls her eyes, stands up, and sighs, "I'll see you in the car."

Then, she leaves.


"You okay? You've been quiet today."

I look at Sophia and groan, "no. Emily won't talk to me. I messed up." She nods and puts her wine down, sitting next to me, "how did you mess up?"

"I got jealous during lunch and...was sort of a bitch and Emily clearly didn't like that." Sophia chuckles, "your mother did the same thing to Aric when they were in high school. She was a jealous one. Now look at them."

I look over my shoulder and see Mom feeding the spoon of sauce into Aric's mouth as he grins, then kisses her with his lips, leaving sauce on her face as she laughs.

I sigh and look at Sophia, "I guess...she told me she loves me."

Sophia chokes on her drink and looks at me, "she what?"

I nod, "she loves me. Emily told me last week." She nods slowly, "and...what did you say?"

I bite my lip nervously, "I uh...didn't say anything." Sophia widens her eyes, " you? Love her?"

I groan and put my hands over my face as I lean back into my couch, "of course I do! I just...I can't bring myself to say it. I told my Dad I loved him but...he left. It's just...hard. I'm scared that if I admit that I love her and I say it back that she will leave me. Love is a huge thing for me Sophia. It's why it took me so long to say it to you and Aric. I'm scared of love."

Her big blue eyes soften on me as she strokes my cheek, "sweetie. I know it's hard. Tell her when you are ready. Emily is a great person. She's a good one. You two are so special. I can see the way you look at each other. If she told you first then she really loves you, Alison. You should say it back. But only when the timing is right."

I nod and look at her, "thank you." I hug her tightly and she rubs my back, "anything for you." Her lips press against my temple and when I pull away she smiles, "now. What should we watch?"

Emily POV

"How could you do that? Paige did nothing wrong, Hanna," I argue and Hanna sighs, "please. That bitch was after Alison. You could see it in the eyes. And do you ever defend the girl you're dating?"

I frown, "what the hell is that supposed to mean?" I snip at her and she sighs, "Emily. You and Alison have fought at least 10 times since you guys came here. And it's always something stupid. Take your girlfriend's side for a change. She got jealous. Girls do that. I know that you have different hormones and shit but when we get jealous we get sinister."

I chuckle and nod, "got it."

Alison comes into Hanna's room and I stand up, "hey Han have you seen. Emily." She freezes when she sees me and I just stare at the gorgeous blonde before I walk over.

"Emily I am so so sorry okay? I don't want to fight and I pro-" I stop her when I hug her tightly, relaxing into her slim frame. Alison's body goes from stiff to almost limp in my arms when her head rests on my chest.

I pull away and she looks into my eyes, "what was that for?"

"It was an apology. I shouldn't have gotten so mad. I'm sorry baby, okay? Let's just...forget this, alright? I want to go back to being us. I hate fighting with you."

She stares at me and her beautiful blue eyes tear up until she attacks my lips passionately, then smiles once we are apart. "I'm sorry too handsome."

I grin at her and kiss her nose, my hands holding her waist as I hug her again.

Hanna sighs happily, "so cute. Now. Can we go to the mall please?" 

Alison groans and leans into me, "but I wanna stay with Emmy."

I chuckle and kiss my girl's head atop her hair, "go be with Hanna. There's a game tonight anyways that Leo, Aric and I are gonna watch. It's gonna get intense."

Her body vibrates with laughter, "on that note. See you baby." She blows a kiss and I pretend to catch it and hold it to my heart as I wink at her.

Once they are gone I head downstairs and grab a beer from Leo as we all watch the college football game. When Tennessee gets a touch down Sophia stands up and shouts, "MOTHER FUCKER! COME ON YOU BIG LOSERS TACKLE THE FOOL!"

I look at Aric and we only shake our heads at Sophia's normal behavior during games. She gets pretty into it.

After a while of screaming and drinking and giving high fives, we all put on Friends and just start talking.

"So. How's it going with my daughter Em?" Aric pats my leg and I chuckle, "it's good. So far."

Jess smiles at me, "Emily is a gentleman with Alison. You mean everything to my daughter, Emily."

I blush and scratch behind my ear, "your daughter is...very special. There's no one out there like her." 

"You damn right there isn't. If you hurt her, I hurt you, got it?" Sophia glares at me and I gulp, nodding, "definitely."

Aric sighs, "Ma. That's my line."

"The whole point here is, Em we are happy you two found each other. Treat her right. And...yeah what Soph said." Leo nods and sips a beer before getting up to fetch another.

I nod, "understood."


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