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Alison POV

The front door shuts and Emily walks in with Lauren and Aric.

"Well?" I whisper and Emily sighs, bending down, "it's done. They're gone."

"We burned the bodies in the woods with some tents around, making it look like a camping mishap." Aric explains and I sigh, looking away, feeling my heart tear as Emily grabs my hands, "Als-" "don't."

"Alison we had no choice-" "there's always a choice," I snap at Lauren, anger fueling my body.

"Alright blondie, time to cool you down with a bath. Up you go," Sophia grabs me and pulls me to my feet, leading me upstairs.

"They killed people, Sophia. Emily killed 3 men."

"They deserved it."

"They had a family."

"Everyone has a family Alison. Everyone is a child of someone."

I sigh and look away as she puts the tub on hot. "It's not right."

Sophia washes off her hands and walks towels over to me. "Maybe so. But they did this because they love you. Emily loves you. If she didn't kill them, you'd be dead. Lauren saved you too."

I groan, "I know but...killing them? What about jail?" I frown as I undress, Sophia not caring that I'm naked as she helps my shaking, still in shock body into the tub.

The bubbles she created with the soap cover me once I'm in and she smiles gently, stroking my cheek.

"You don't understand yet. You will. One day, your time will come."

My eyebrows pull together in utter confusion, "time for what?" 

My grandmother chuckles, "time to kill someone of course."

I widen my eyes and pull my knees to my chest, "I would never."

"Alison. There will be a time that you will. With the life you have, you're going to have to protect yourself if we aren't around to do it for you."

"I won't kill anyone Sophia. That's final," I huff, turning away.

She chuckles, "well then. I'd say who got your panties in a twist but you're ass naked so...who got your butt cheeks in a squeeze?"

Usually I'd laugh at her humor but now I just roll my eyes, "I will not take another man or woman's life. Ever."

Emily POV

"Thank you," I say after everyone filed out, Hanna holding an ice pack to CeCe's head.

Lauren turns to me, "huh?"

I sigh, "thank you. For saving me. And for saving Alison. It...meant a lot to me so...thanks. I guess." I scratch the back of my head uncomfortably and Lauren breathes out a light laugh.

"You're welcome. I guess."

I throw a playful glare at her, and she wraps a bandana around her mouth, "see you around the playground Fields. You'll hear from me soon."

"Hopefully for your funeral."

Lauren laughs, "you wouldn't even be invited."

I smile gently and wave as she takes off on her bike, a dirt cloud forming from where she left.

I turn back to the house and go upstairs, hearing the bathtub water.

I gently open the door and view my girlfriend attempting at relaxation under a layer of bubbles and hot water.

"Enjoying yourself?" I say and close the door behind me.

She peeks one eye open and groans, shutting it again, "I was. Until you came in."

I laugh, "now that's just mean." I sit on the edge of the bathtub and observe her, "how you holding up?"

"Well, with my girlfriend killing 3 men in one day and Sophia telling me I eventually will kill someone? Not too well." Her eyes are stern, her voice stiff and monotone.

I raise my eyebrows, "Sophia told you that? Look, Al don't listen to her."

"She's right."

I frown, furrowing my brows now as my eyes question her.

"There's a war brewing, Emily. Like Game of Thrones says, Winter is coming. I can't constantly have a bodyguard at my door. I will have to learn how to protect and defend myself. So. I want you to teach me."

I jump to my feet, "what? No way! No shot! No. Not a chance, Alison."

"Oh come on Em! You are the strongest person I know besides my dad-" "who will kill me when he finds out I'm training you."

"He doesn't have to know!" Alison sits up, staring at me with those gorgeous blue orbs. She's so precious.

Too good for this world.

Too good to scratch.

"No. That's my final answer Alison. I will not risk your life in a battle. The club has always been the women stay indoors where it's safe-" "But Sophia-" "has had years of training and experience-" "which I can achieve if you just help me!" 

She cries out to me with anger fuming throughout her body.

I sigh and look down, "I'm sorry, Alison. I can't."

She slaps her arms down in the water before she stands, her full nude body in my line of view. I raise my eyebrows and watch her wrap a towel around herself.

"You won't let me out of the house, won't let me get stronger. Emily, I'm not your prisoner."

I widen my eyes, "of course not!" "Then treat me like your girlfriend for fucks sake!"

"And I am. Alison I am protecting you."

"You're locking me up!" She screams and walks past me, slamming the door behind her.

I stare at the bath and sigh, "that went swell."

Alison POV

Late that night after Lauren meets with Dad, Emily and Leo, I grab her and yank her to the side of the house.

She jumps but notices my face, relaxing in my grip.

"I need your help," I whisper and she raises an eyebrow, "with what?"

"Shh! People are sleeping," I point up a floor and Lauren raises an eyebrow, "so? What do you want."

My body deflates as I sigh with disappointment at her answer. "A little more enthusiasm would be greatly appreciated."


"Okay okay fine," I sigh and look around, then back at her.

"I want you to train me."


Short is but interesting, right?

How will that go over with Emily?

Will Alison kill someone?

What do you think will happen next?

What do you want to happen next?

~Stay Fearless~

Caleigh <13

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