The Rescue (Part I)

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Emily POV

When I arrive back to the scene, I can only see the blue and red lights of police cars and ambulances.

I drive around and see 3 of the Razors sitting in the ambulance groaning.

I park my bike and walk over, "where are they, huh? Aric, Sophia-" "those assholes stole our fucking bikes. They took off already."

The scruffy man with a gash on his eye glares at me, "you don't know what you're getting yourself into Emily Fields."

I stare at him, getting an urge to punch the living daylights out of him but a voice shouting my name brings me back to earth.

Jessica jogs over, hugging me tight, "is Alison safe?"

"Yes, she's at the house with CeCe and Hanna protecting her. Where's Sophia?" I glance around and Jessica bites her lip, "Aric made me stay here. They took off. I don't know where they went but they followed the Razors. If you're going to search for them I suggest you follow the sounds of motorcycle engines and gun shots."

I nod at her, "get home. It's not safe for you here. Tell Alison that I'm okay."

She gives me a look that tells me all in the world, then she walks off, her steps quickening as she gets more down the road.

I turn back to the 3 men and a paramedic looks at me, "are you family?"

I smile, "something like that."

I walk up to the scruffy guy and smile, "this is for trying to hurt my girlfriend." 

I reel my arm back and my fist connects with his jaw, making him fall into his friend, holding his jaw.

I tighten my jaw and walk to the bike, getting on and revving up my brand new engine.

I take off down the road, listening intently for any sign of Sophia, Aric and Leo.

I ride all around Rosewood, listening and searching until I hear something. An engine. A motorcycle engine. But it's just one.

I move to the side of the road and get off my bike, silently moving it behind a house's shed. I watch as someone rides down the road. 

It's a girl.

She has a black bandana on and aviators but she pulls over, looking around.

She knows someone was here. She pulls down her bandana from her face so it rests on her neck.

She bends down and notices my tire tracks on the grass. Her lips quirk up into a smirk, "you can try to hide all you want! My father will find you."

Her voice is raspy. Low. Intimidating.

I walk my bike around the back of the house and come out the other side, my heart pounding in my ears when I hear the click of a gun, the barrel pointed at the side of my head, inches from me.

"You really thought you'd get past me?" She whispers in my ear.

I stare straight ahead and lean my bike on the kickstand, raising my hands above my head, "I just need to get my family back. I won't cause trouble."


All lies.

The girl takes her glasses off and I can feel them burning into my skull.

"You don't seriously think I'm that dumb, do you? Emily Fields?"

My ears perk up but I don't move or give an expression.

"You don't scare me."

"Really? Not even with a loaded gun pointed right at your head?" I can feel her smirk from here.

I instantly grab her arm and twist it so she flips over, landing on her back, me on top of her with the gun now in my hand, pointed at her face.

Green eyes stare at me and her lips are curled up, "I'm impressed. But I think you forgot to take your gun out of your pants. Don't worry though, I did it for you." She smiles and that's when I notice that she is holding my pistol right under my stomach.

I grunt and get off of her, "what do you want from me? Alison?"

The girl chuckles, "not quite."

I stare her up and down, then it clicks.

"My father will find you."

"Your dad. He's the leader of the Razors. He was going to shoot Alison at the graduation today. He totaled our cars."

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner. What would you like as your prize Emily Fields?" She saunters over to me, a devious smile playing on her lips as she closes in, making me lick my lips, "I want our freedom. Rosewood is our turf, Alison claimed it for us."

"I don't give a damn about that."

"But your father-" "my father? Is an egotistical asshole. I never wanted part in the Razors. But I was born into it, unfortunately. All I want is to be free of him and live my life."

She doesn't want to be a part of her own club? That's absurd.

"That's insane. Everybody loves their club. Club is family."

"Yeah? Well my club isn't. All of them are just...horrible. They kill people for fun. I'd hardly call that a club. It's more so of a gang. Drugs, robberies, murders. The Razors want Rosewood so they can rule over everyone. They want power. I can't let my father have that power."

I frown, squinting my eyes at her, "I don't understand."

"Well don't we have a smart one over here."

I shake my head, "I thought girls aren't allowed in-" "Okay that shit is sooo 1990's and even so, I'm a girl with a penis dumbass. My club treats me as a boy. You should know all about that."

My eyes almost bug out of my head, "you're-" "intersex? Precisely. Now can we talk about the more serious manner?"

"I don't believe a word you say. You could be tricking me to get to Alison."

She scoffs, "that may be. But I might also be your strongest weapon in this war."

I think for a moment but can't make a decision on the spot so she smiles, "something to think about. Your family is a quarter mile down the road. Try not to get killed." She pats my shoulder and gets on her bike, "wait. What's your name?"

She puts her glasses on and reaches for her bandana as she settles on her blacked out bike, then turns to look back at me, her hair whipping around and she smiles.

"I'm Lauren. Lauren Jauregui."


You. Are. Welcome.

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