Graduation (Part II)

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Emily POV

"I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU EMILY FIELDS!" Alison marches towards the car after the ceremony was over.

"Alison calm down-" "NO! YOU PROMISED ME EMILY!" She cuts off her mother and points her finger right in my face, her eyes burning with fury.

I gulp, "I thought I saw someone...someone that wanted to hurt you. Alison I'm so sorry-" "SORRY? You embarrassed me in front of all of our friends! In front of the whole damned town Emily!" She shoves me backwards, making me stumble but I catch myself before I can trip and fall.

"Em, who did you think that you saw?" Aric questions but Alison cuts in, "no. All I asked for was one day. One God damn day."

"Alison, this is serious. I am sorry this day is not what you wanted but there are people out there. Dangerous people," Aric stares at his daughter and she scoffs in response, "it's always dangerous when it involves the club."

She slides into the car, slamming the door behind her.

Aric sighs and rakes a hand through his hair, "who did you see?"

"I never saw the face. He had a bandana on. But Aric, he had a gun."

"Em, a gun? This was a high school graduation-" "I understand. But I saw it-" "Em, Aric."

Sophia walks over, Leo and CeCe following.

"Nobody with a leather jacket is anywhere near here. No Razors." Sophia stares at me with solemn, sympathetic eyes, only making me more upset.

"Don't. I saw him. He was going to shoot Alison."

"Em you're just paranoid. You've been stressing all day yesterday and today-" "No, CeCe. I promise you. He was there."

"Look, we can either argue about whether Em is crazy or not, or, we can try to lighten up this day with a celebratory dinner." Leo raises an eyebrow and I sigh, "I choose the second option."

"With eyes and ears around, understand? If Em saw him, we need to protect my daughter at all costs."

"Nobody will lay a hand on Alison," Sophia says sternly, determination and drive fueling her eyes.

I get in the car and stare at Alison, "Al-" "don't."

She stares out the window, her face blank but I know she's upset. I embarrassed my girlfriend.

I sigh and lean over, kissing her shoulder only to have her shrug me off in annoyance.

"Baby I'm sorry. I thought someone was trying to harm you. I was just protecting you."

"Not everywhere we go involves danger and bikes Emily. When are you going to get that?" She turns to me now and our eyes meet in a painful lock.

"But-" "but nothing. I get it, the club is your priority. It's your life. But it sure as hell isn't mine." She turns back to stare out the window but I grab her hand, "Alison, you're my priority. The club didn't make me go up on stage today. You did. I was terrified that somebody was going to shoot you. I-I saw him."

"Emily just stop!" She cries, her eyes filled with tears and I can feel my heart shatter in my chest.

"Nobody was there! Just stop!" Jess looks at me through the mirror and glances over at Aric, grabbing his hand.

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