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1 Week Later

Alison POV

We are all sitting at the dinner table when Mom clears her throat, ", Emily. We have something that we would like to share with you both."

Emily glances at me, then at Mom and Aric, "okay?"

Sophia chuckles, "Lord save me now."

Aric smiles nervously, "Mom." She smiles, "continue Jessie," she nods, finishing up her fork of steak.

They both nod and look at each other then smile gently, "well uh...I'm sure you've noticed that I have been staying in a lot or have started looking different..."

"What do you mean? You look the same, besides the little junk in the trunk," Sophia comments, making me stifle a laugh.

Mom smiles, "yeah...we're pregnant," she grabs Aric's hand who is obviously so happy. His eyes are glistening with joy and love for my mom, me and our entire family.

"Wait...seriously?" Emily asks and they nod, "it's a boy. His name is Asher. Asher Moore."

They start crying happily and smile at us, "Mom?" Aric whispers and we all look at Sophia who is just sitting still, as if she's frozen.

"You're...pregnant..." Sophia says the words as if she doesn't believe them and I grab her hand, "I'm going to be a sister. You're getting a grandson."

Her eyes fill up with tears as she stands up shakily, walking over to them, "thank you. Thank you, thank you." She hugs them both and kisses them, every second growing happier and happier.

"I can't believe this. God if Leo were here to see this Aric. I am so proud of you. The both of you."

They grin and kiss each other lovingly, "thanks Mom," they both respond.

3 Months Later

"Now after letting the lasagna cool for approximately 3 minutes, it's time to dig in. Enjoy," I smile proudly when I view my fully cooked lasagna. I hear grunts and punches from the garage and Sophia walks over.

"I'll finish setting up, go get your girl."

I smile appreciatively and walk to the garage, holding my overly large stomach as I attempt to walk normally while a small pain hits.

"Em?" I say lightly as I open the door.

She's training with Aric but they both stop to look at me, Emily drenched in sweat with only a sports bra and shorts on, hair in a pony tail.

"Everything okay gorgeous?" She takes the gloves off and walks over.

"Yeah, dinner's ready," I smile at her through another pain and she nods, "perfect." Her and Aric take a rest and we all walk back inside once they have shirts on and regain a normal heart rate.

"Smells great sweetheart," Dad kisses my forehead and smiles warmly at me.

"Alright! Let's give thanks," Sophia says and holds her hands out. We all take one another's hands and while she speaks, I feel a sharp pain.

I wince and Emily leans over, "you alright Princess?"

I nod, trying to focus on the prayer but feel another pain.

I feel a liquid come out of me and that's when I widen my eyes. Sophia smiles and starts eating but I whisper, "Em."


I look at her, our eyes meeting and she raises an eyebrow. "It's time."

Her eyes widen, "really?"

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